Monday, 22 February 2010

Murder of Gurmail Singh

This is the man who stood up to some of the feral yobs we have been discussing recently and got beaten to death for his trouble.

Anyone like to take a bet with me that when these yobs get caught (and they will very soon) they will be well known to Childrens Services, Youth Offending Team etc. who will have been 'working' with them and their families for some years.

If only they had been told no a few years ago, Mr Singh might still be alive.


  1. No doubt as we speak, a social-worker somewhere is dusting off a tried and tested 'these children are the real victims' pro-forma.

    RIP Mr Singh, I hope we get 'em for you.

  2. I hope the search for the suspects is short and their punishment is long and harsh. It is good that other citizens offered as mush assistance as they did (chasing the suspects, etc.). It greatly increases the odds of apprehension.

  3. There is a simple way to deal with the feral scum and their apologists,but this country is
    nowhere near that path yet.The social breakdown is to handy a tool for the depraved
    elite . All to plan regardless of consequence.

  4. They should be hung. End of.

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  6. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple

  7. That was sad what happened with mr.singh.Those yebs must be caught and get the highest punishment for their sin.May god bless mr.singh's soul in peace.
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