Saturday, 6 February 2010

Edlington has repeated itself.

James Moore Murderer ..................Joseph Lappin Victim

When I wrote the below article I was not aware of this story. Another feral yob subject of an ASBO and arrested dozens of times and put before the Courts. This murderous little bastard was repeatedly let off with warnings and ineffective supervision orders. It would appear that he was repeatedly treated with amazing leniency because he allegedly helped care for his brother who has cerebal palsy.

Do we really believe that this murdering piece of scum helped look after his brother? I cannot see how anyone with any such compassion can stick a knife in another human being.

Thanks to the total ineffectiveness of our courts a young man, who appears to be a completely decent and law abiding citizen, is dead.


  1. That's incredible timing. An ex-girlfriend is telling me as I write this about how she decided to go for a run about an hour ago, going through a large field where she encountered a group of cider-swilling lads. She wouldn't stop at their invitation so they started chasing her and throwing golf balls at her. One of them hit her in the elbow and has really hurt her. She decided she wouldn't be able to escape so she ran back towards them, screaming. At which point a farmer nearby raced over in his vehicle to rescue her!

    I'm sick to death of hearing these stories.

    I see no practical solution other than strengthening the individual's rights and protections when it comes to self-defense and defence of others. These scum simply don't understand anything else. No consequences = no change in their behaviour.

  2. I wonder what the frequency of this sort of behaviour is in, say, Turkey, where a citizen can easily apply for, and obtain, a police certificate to purchase a pistol? It would certainly make a perpetrator of casual violence think twice if he thought the intended victim could resort to such means for self defence. I wonder how this actually impacts on Turkish society as a subtle form of behaviour moderation? (I just plucked Turkey out of several countries I could have chosen)

  3. Yet according to our Glorious Leader Gordon Clown crime rates are down & life is wonderful under the basilk stare of CCTVs. How long before vigilante groups start up to ensure that real justice not the New Labour pussyfooting bollocks is carried out?

  4. Some people should be barred from reproducing.

  5. The fact that Moore was arrested so many times shows that the police were doing their job admirably. Well done.

    We know where the failings are. First, the Criminal's Protection Service pencil pushers in their cosy office who doubtless recommended a series of Cautions or Section 5 prosecutions. Solution: hand charging decisions back to the police, where they belong. The CPS can keep bungling the prosecutions, but shouldn't be allowed to down-charge or plea bargain just to tick their little performance boxes.

    Second, the magistrates who repeatedly bought his publicly funded brief's bleeding heart story. Solution: draw magistrates from the sink estates and corner shops - which means paying them a living wage, not token expenses - rather than the leafy suburbs and offices. Ask them what they think of a recent Gruaniad article, and if they've read it, reject them.

    We know that's what needs doing. And we know that it won't be done, because we have (and will have) a government that is obsessed with the idea that the "intelligentsia" and Old Boys are best suited to run the county. How do you make the chattering classes who currently infest the CPS and Magistrates' Courts accept that their appointment was a mistake, and that they should employ new people who are not like them?

  6. Well said Roger. I particularly liked this bit:

    "Ask them what they think of a recent Gruaniad article, and if they've read it, reject them."


  7. While I chuckled at that last quip - it's not 100% foolproof, as people like me read the Lefty missives in the Guardian on the principle of 'know thine enemy'.

  8. Singapore seems to have retained a time-honoured and well-proven deterrent punishment to public displays of yobbism. The authorities there give the little sods a caning. Six or more of the best, on their backsides, raising bloody weals.
    The recidivism rate amongst young offenders thus previously punished is remarkably low.

  9. My first visit. Great stuff. Illustration has for too long been underated by picture editors. Anyone interested in studying how it was done in those days could study Andrew Loomis' textbooks on Scribd.