Sunday 30 December 2012

Plebgate Shock! Mitchell May Be Lying

Here is another take on the video 'evidence' released by Mitchell and his cronies.

Saturday 29 December 2012


I have never been a supporter of the Honours system in this country. The whole set up seems to belong to another age. We have knighthoods, lordships and such for the great and the good and MBE's Etc. for the hoi polloi who have been judged worthy of a bauble and who are made to feel part of the system for a day at the palace.

To try and give the system credibility, more recently, some of the hoi polloi have been given senior honours. The whole thing has however lost all credibility. Failed civil servants and politicians are given honours to help them disappear quietly. 'Celebrities' are given honours to try and show the Government are human and in touch with the people. Worst of all, all political parties are simply selling honours to anyone prepared to donate £100 k or more. The system is a farce.

I am pleased that people like Bradley Wiggins and other athletes have been honoured. Inevitably, Bernard Hyphon Howe has been given a knighthood. It seems that you cannot have a Met Commissioner without a title. The decision regarding this would have been made before the
'Plebgate' incident, of course.

Sir Bernard Hyphen Howe

I am disappointed that PC Kate Brookman from Sussex has been given a QPM. She has been a police officer for 26 years. For 17 of those years she has been a Neighbourhood Schools Officer. She has also been a communications officer and a crime scene support officer. She has been rewarded for her dedicated work with young people. We all know people like PC Brookman; lovely person, dedicated to their role but at the end of the day her career has been nine to five in an office with Christmas off and little chance of getting her hands dirty. When will we see an officer given a QPM for a consistently high arrest rate?

PC Kate Brookman QPM

Most disgraceful, of course, are the awards for failure, which devalue the whole system. Hector Sants was CEO of the Financial Services Authority from 2007 until he stepped down quietly in June 2012. (Fear not for his career. He will take up a new post with Barclay's Bank in 2013.) He was in charge of overseeing the banks when they nearly bankrupted the country. He has been rewarded for leading the reform of the FSA and for learning the lessons of the disaster he partly had responsibility for.

Happy New Year!

Sunday 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas to All You Plebs and Morons!

Well, it has all been happening whilst I was away..........NOT!

If he thinks the police are plebs and morons imagine what he thinks of the press

We still have Tory Ministers treating the police with absolute contempt but one of them is having a hissy fit regarding what he actually said because it has resulted in a pay cut. There is some irony there when the Government are determined to see through wholesale pay cuts to the police. Mitchell admits swearing at a police officer and has apologised for that. That is enough for him to go. Of course he doesn't want to admit the other words allegedly used as it would simply confirm the contempt and disdain that this Government hold the police in. The only confusion seems to be that some moronic pleb decided to send an e-mail to his MP claiming to have witnessed the incident when he did not.

This e-mail has been enough for some to suggest that the whole thing has been a conspiracy by the police. Mitchell's supporters have produced heavily edited CCTV claiming there were not any members of the public around and that there wasn't time for the words to have been said. This is all bunkum. 30 officers are now wasting police time investigating this sorry saga. I predict that the investigation will show the original officer in Downing Street will stick to his account, which is probably right, and one officer who sent the e-mail will be sacked for being a moron and damaging the reputation of the police.

I have learnt a lot on my travels. When you see the work ethic in third world countries and the generosity and charity towards those less fortunate it only confirms what a disaster our liberal infested society has become. More on (sic) that another time.

Happy Christmas!