Thursday, 14 January 2010


I wrote below that the charlatan Ali Dizaei was facing charges of misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice. The trial started on Monday and already you have to question some of Mr Dizaei's behaviour. Why does this man go into restaurants in full uniform, for example.

I also wrote about the proposed march by the radical islamic group Islam4UK. I am pleased to hear that the march will not go ahead and the organisation has been banned. I was further pleased to hear that some of these radical idiots were convicted of public order offences for their actions in Luton when soldiers paraded through the town.

I was sorry to see that the sad man I wrote about who was arrested for wearing medals he had no right to at a Remembrance Day Parade was prosecuted after all and sentenced to community service.

In November I wrote about the waste and unhealthy cozy relationships in some of the policing quangos. I highlighted the gravy train for senior officers who retire from the police and walk into cozy jobs with the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA.) Here is another example. Deputy Chief Constable Mike Goodwin of Leicester has just retired from the police. He picks up a pension consisting of a lump sum of around £350,000 and £56,000 per annum. His new job with the NPIA nets him £120,000 p.a. It's tough at the top!


  1. "Why does this man go into restaurants in full uniform?".
    Strange! Most police officers prefer to be out of uniform when off duty, particularly the more senior ones. However I've been to a number of other countries, where they wear uniform the whole time and when they go into a restaurant or shop it's invariably a sign that they want a free meal or some other benefit. I hope that isn't becoming a way of life here.

  2. (First I have to calibrate my MK 3a2 eyeballs to read proper English) you think your blog is having something to do with these out comes in public problems?
    Or, prehaps, there is hope?

    I've just about given up on California...

  3. Just an observation. I had dealings with an Ali Chandra-something or other (long Sri Lankan name). He was a police officer living on my area but not in my force. I was investigating a complaint he had made about a dispute with a near neighbour of his and how he was unhappy about the way the local Pc had dealt with it. I went to his house to interview him, by arrangement, on his day off. He answered the door in his full uniform, including hat. In his front window, on the windowsill, was a framed photo of him, in his full uniform with the picture facing the street! This clown was clearly a total egomaniac which became quickly apparent as our conversation continued. Later, from other enquiries, I found out that he had a habit of strolling into his local shops so dressed. He would often get changed into his uniform and step outside to stop people parking outside his house. What is my point? I don't think I actually have one, other than to say these types are out there and, given the benefit of the doubt and promoted, the rank continues to feed the ravenous ego. I wondered how his own force could have failed to see this in him when I spotted it in seconds? I took particular pleasure in telling him how i thought the officer he was complaining about did a text book job and that I was dismissing the complaint unequivocally.

  4. You're right about Desai: an embarrasment to us all. The comment about Mike Goodwin is a bit of a cheap shot though. I'd like a pension like that too, but he seems to have worked hard for his money and is clearly well-qualified for the job at NPIA. At least he doesn't appear to be an ego-driven megalomaniac.

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  6. Hi,

    Thanks for an insightful read.

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  7. Nice try, "Sam".

    You are clearly not from the Guardian and you are probably trying to "out" this blogger. Why? You could be a malicious copper who feels he has been maligned. You could be just a cunt. But what you are not is a Guardian Journalist. Only a twat or a shit would make an approach as crass as this.

    (Nice Blog. I have met "thinking" policemen before. They don't generally get very far in the force.)

  8. He is a freelance journalist. Avoid like the plague.