Monday, 4 January 2010

Wootton Bassett Islamic March

Anjem Choudary - A Danger to Our Society

This is slightly off the usual subject of policing but there is a link and I think it is a subject worth covering.

Muslim extremists are planning to march through Wootton Bassett, the town that has become synonymous with our war dead returning from Afghanistan. They plan to march through the town with coffins, to represent over 100,000 Muslims who they claim have died in the conflict. The idea is abhorrent to most people and there have been calls to ban the march and there is a risk that there may be a counter demonstrations leading to violence.

The organiser of the march is Anjem Choudary, a Muslim born in this country but clearly radicalised. He is well known to the police and secret service and is an obvious danger to the society we wish to live in. He is a follower of Omar Bakri Muhammed, a Syrian, who sought shelter here and lived in London for 20 years. In 2005 he fled to the Lebanon concerned that the British Government were considering charges of treason against him. I am pleased to say, he was told he was not welcome back in this country. Choudary has written an open letter to the families of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan to justify his actions.

There are a number of important issues here. We must remember that the vast majority of Muslims are law abiding contributors to our society and are embarrassed by the radical views of some zealots that follow their religion. Some Muslim groups have spoken out against the proposed march.

We live in a society where men have fought and died for the right of free speech and freedom to demonstrate. Our laws are largely, although not wholly, built on this premise. We should not stop Mr Choudary’s march taking place. The irony is that if Choudary lived in the society he wishes us to and criticised that society in the way that he does ours; he would very quickly disappear never to be seen again. If Mr Choudary wishes to live in such a society I would ask that he finds one that suits and goes there. The vast majority of people have no wish for it here.
If he promulgates violence against non believers then he should be thrown in gaol. Perhaps he might flee to the Lebanon.

The people of Wootton Bassett came together of their own volition to line the streets and show respect to the British soldier’s bodies that are flown back to this country to nearby RAF Lyneham before they pass through the town on their way to their families.

If the proposed march goes ahead, the people of Wootton Bassett should show their contempt. Instead of turning out as they do to respect the British soldiers they should clear the streets, put down the shop blinds and shut their doors. A march through a ghost town with a small police escort will make this publicity stunt the non event it should be.


  1. One day in Baghdad in the summer of 05' (it was dang hot--us Yanks don't say bloody) but some friggen Iraqi zelots wanted to have a protest march. the US Army stayed out of the way.
    The other sect didn't like what was going on, so they started to kill each other.
    it was good day.

    Tell them camel drivers to go protest in some third world country and see how it goes.
    Be safe.

  2. I'd be more than honoured to police this event on my day off for no overtime and not a penny in expenses - where do I sign up? Leviathan Hobbes Esquire

  3. Its about time the British had a say in Britan again. I am not religious as I believe any religion to be male oriented institutions. Each one belittles women. If the Islamic extremists don't like the way our country is run then they should leave. Nobody forced them to come here. If we were to up sticks and move to an Islamic country, we would have to abide by their rules. If we were to protest about it we would be stoned or beheaded. If they continue trying to change our culture and values there will be civil war in this country. Believe me, its coming soon.

  4. Capt Hicks Dad on TV last night bullshitting on about the "constitution". There is none in the U.K. Like an unprinted fiver it won't get you very far. I 100% support the march as it is a chance to get even with plod. For us (far left & UAF) it is a win-win situation. ban it and look like the oppressive scum you are, permit it and bring plenty of body bags. I hear Oakes screamed like a girl when he got his.

  5. Mr Choudry doesn't seem at all at home here. Surely the obvious thing for him to do, since he doesn't fit in, would be simply to emigrate to somewhere like Saudi Arabia where he can be surrounded by his Islamic culture and no need to change anything or get up innocent people's noses. What's so complicated about that?

  6. Surely to support a regime that we are at war with, amounts to treason. I believe capital punishment is still in place for this, can we not hang them all.

  7. See, when people talk about guys like this Choudry bloke (who I'd never previously heard of) and bang on about how he's such a danger to our society, I really am at a loss to work out why. He's clearly a twazzock. Let him spout his twazzock nonsense and let him organise his tedious little marches.

    As for anonymous up there, no constitution? I realise history teaching these days is not all it could be, but that's just plain ignorant.

  8. There is no way this march should be allowed to take place, that is what is wrong with this country, if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. It would be another town the week after, then another and so on. Maybe I am wrong? but I thought that most of these killed innocent muslims that Mr Choudry wants to hold his propaganda march for, were killed by extremist muslim groups in Afghanistan, for daring to have a view which is different to theirs. Britain is far too soft, if Mr Choudry and his like don't want anything British near them (apart from social security benefits) then put them on a plane and send them to whatever Country, they or family came from, or whatever Country they are spouting their propaganda for. After all nobody is forcing them to be British citizens or forcing them to live in Britain.

  9. Very well said Thinking Policeman!

  10. Lucky we live in and are fighting for

    and lucky we live in a Police State.

  11. Get a few empty supply planes ready . herd the bloody lot of these extremists and their sympathisers on board, lock the doors and fly them off to to their promised land (or half way across the channel and empty the cargo ).To save our carbon footprint and save time on the multi burriels

  12. The comments by that wazzock who posted that he was far left and that shit and was going to make sure 'plod got his' if the march went ahead - be aware, matey. There will be a lot of ex service folk in the crowd. If you - or Choudray - believe you will bring dishonour and disrepsect to Wooton Bassett, think again. It ain't gonna happen bud.

    You will not be allowed anywhere near the place. And if you try your hate tacticts and avoid Plod, you might well find out that what Plod gives you doesn't count for what a real beating is.

    You hate filled fuckwits all think you have a righht to do as you please. Sorry to disappoint you but that right was earned by many in uniform many, many times.

    Ex Squad

  13. To the UAF anonymous wanker. Do you realise what a joke you people are? You sad and angry pathetic cretins talk about 'the revolution' and oppressive police etc. Did your mother not breast feed you? Grow up for Christs sake! If you tossers turn up at this march, the only thing that will stop the other tossers, BNP etc. from kicking the shit out of you will be the police.

  14. You mention that they want to represent the 100,000 Muslims that they claim have "died" in the conflict. I notice they never mentioned whom killed the vast majority of those i.e. the Taliban will be the greatest culprits and the rest were Taliban.

  15. Someone should tell Mr Choudry most muslims are being killed in Afghanistan by other extreme muslims such as Himself, suicide bombs into bazaars do not kill many soldiers ! good blog !

  16. Let the march go ahead. TP has a good idea. Walking through the completely deserted streets of Wootton Bassett may maybe bring home the point. Alternatively, let's have a huge turn-out but with everyone with their backs to the march. Ensure the pubs are open, but with no non-alcoholic drinks.

    Another alternative would be to ensure that there are no police officers nor journalists within 20 miles of the place. I believe the issue would then sort itself, or at least be sorted...

  17. Sometimes silence, indifference and a cold shoulder can send the most powerful of messages. I never saw a Home Secretary more rattled than during his speech delivered to, and received by, a totally silent audience. Equally, a moment of collective, silent reflection can often be the best eulogy.

  18. have your march and there will be a lot of troble and the blood will be yours not the english bring it on

  19. To the ex-squaddie, you aren't the only one to have worn the uniform. To the rest, it is far left versus far right. Do you think that the police will side with UAF? So it is UAF and far left versus BNP and ploce. Bring it on cunts we have artillery!

  20. Everyone has the right to march, everyone also has the right to point fingers and laugh at the clowns marching.....seems only fair.

  21. There are far too many people who wish to use Wootton Bassett as a pawn in sicko halfwit games.

    The people of Wootton Bassett have shown restraint and quiet dignity by stopping what they're doing and showing respect to the bodies of young men and women who've died in the service of their country. It is not a stage managed media event - it is simple - they know the agony of those parents, wives, children and friends left behind. It is a straightforward recognition of the sadness and loss they know other people are feeling.

    If you saw Nick Griffin at Wootton Bassett - you'll know how uncomfortable & sheepish he was when he sensed what it was about.

    A ghost town presented to these screeching pustules of deranged zealotry that lets their own poison bounce back at them from the blank windows and empty streets would be a rich reward for their efforts.

    Sadly, too many scumbuckets with equally deranged worldviews and deeply nasty motives want to use this town as a hobby horse to leverage their visibility and promote rotten agendas.

    Many they barbecue in the flaming hell that equates with their personal belief system.

    ever yours
    The Wurzel

  22. I had not heard about this story, but I agree with your vacated town approach--now that would be a message.

  23. I assume you think it would have been ok for Nazi sypathisers to march through the streets in WW2 as this amounts to much the same thing. Your Liberal wishy washy attitude somes up the poice today. I'll lay odds that if the BNP wanted to march in a Muslim enclave in this country,(there shouldn't be any)you would be down on it like a ton of bricks, perhaps justified, but if traitorous poisonous reptiles like Choudrey want to cause trouble they get your protection. IT STINKS!!

  24. Cheesy, it's got nothing to do with being liberal or wishy-washy, and everything to do with not having a crowd of thick, white, borderline (or beyond) racists undermining the legitimate and genuine disgust most people feel for radical islamists.

  25. Oh, FFS. Just print off some posters of pisshead dope smoking porn loving shag-monster 'Andy' Choudary and greet him and his brainwashed goons with the derisive laughter that they deserve.

  26. When will we stop allowing the bravery and ultimate sacrifice of our troops being threatened and dishonored by these Muslim extremists?
    I for one feel furious that once again, the laws of this land, which we earned by sacrifice be abused by another 'minority'?
    Gordon Brown, show some bollocks and let's keep the 'Great' in Great Britain.

  27. How are our troops threatened in any way by a small cortege of chubby islamic nutters ranting and raving? Most squaddies face far worse abuse (often from each other) every Friday and Saturday night while out on the piss.

    The parade probably isn't even going to happen, but all you angry ranting 'patriots' are giving the islamists exactly what they want - a reaction, and more airtime for their peurile beliefs.

    What I do resent is the constant implication that anyone who isn't sobbing tears of rage all down his Nick Griffin-autographed Union Flag shirt ISN'T patriotic.

  28. I strongly support what thinking policeman said - I would only add that as these Islamic fascists march through empty streets - these protesters should be greeted by a low hiss from people obscured from view. Can be quite unnerving and would give them a feel of what we all think!!

  29. There is little doubt that Choudhary is trying to stir things up.
    When one reads reports like this one wonders how these preachers of hate get away with it


  30. MPS Probbie......."a small cortege of chubby Islamic nutters ranting and raving?"
    So you take lightly an organisation that openly radicalizes and recruits Muslims to take up arms against our troops and bomb mainland Britain?
    Clearly you have never served anywhere near a front line, or had to deal with the aftermath of a suicide bombing, or, had to inform relatives of their loss as I have?
    I'm an angry patriot? Yes damn right I am.
    And as for squaddies abusing themselves whilst on the piss, somewhat remote from a road side IED, and I do not support Nick Griffin, another wrong assumption by you.

  31. All i ask is that no matter what your view on this act is, for the sake of Britain and peace within, dont let this happen, this will be the straw that broke the camels back, as a young man, father of 3 serving my country against those who apose it and a proud Scot, i am quickly bieng forced into hatred to the ignorance and ungratefullness of the minority of some groups within our country who have no right it is time to make a stand.

  32. I don't take radical islamists lightly, nor the government's pandering to them in several fields of home affairs.

    I DO take their march lightly, because it would be a spectacular home goal that would rightly set them up for the ridicule these cartoonish characters deserve.

    Islam4UK have 'cancelled' their march - they probably never intended to carry it out, they just wanted the massive publicity splash that dozens of frothing 'if you aren't with me you're a cowardly liberal' Facebook groups have provided them.

    As you can't be arsed to identify yourself I don't know which Anonymous is responsible for which posts above, so I won't bother addressing them individually.

    Your experience of suicide bombs or my assumed lack is irrelevant to the enforcement of law and the provisions of free speech in this country.

    Whether you are a member of the BNP or not, your opinions give succor to creatures like Griffin, just as Islam4UK lends support to Muslims who hate us.

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