Saturday, 13 August 2011

Some Light Relief?

" I am pleased to say that the whole situation is now under full control."


Our father, who art in prison,
Even my mum knows not his name,
Thy Chavdom come, 
Thy will be done in Manchester
As it is in London,
Give us this day our welfare bread,
And forgive us our ASBO's,
As we happy slap those who give evidence against us.
And lead us not to employment,
But deliver us free housing,
For thine is the Chavdom,
The Burberry & the Bacardi,
Forever and ever.



  1. I had to laugh at the Looter's Prayer, even though deep down, it's not funny and may be coming to an American neighborhood near me before long.

  2. A Fatwa on you sir for taking the Lord's prayer in vain.

  3. Not funny. How about giving us a joke about not arresting thieving bankers and treasonous MPs? Or about how Common Purpose now gives the orders? Or police/judicial corruption? Or Dr David Kelly? Little kiddy chavs are the least of our problems. Keep your head buried in the sand Mr Policy Officer. When the economy crashes its going to get a lot, lot worse and I'm not banking on having the boys in blue around then when I need them.

  4. @ Anonymous 0007 - Oh dear, Woolfie Smith lives on. If you look at my previous post 'It's Not Over Yet.' you will see that I am critical of the bankers and MP's and their morality and poor example.

    If you don't understand that the underclass are the biggest threat to your middle class, albeit ignorant left wing life, then you are stupid.

    This country is broke and there are going to be difficult times ahead. The potential for further disorder is fully recognised by the police.

    Incidentally, I am fed up with hearing lefties and Labour politicians blaming our whole finacial crisis on the bankers. When labour took over Government in 1997 the economy was in better shape than any new Government had ever had.

    Labour and Gordon Brown spent us into debt, throwing money at social problems and wasting it, enhancing the already developing benefit culture and buying votes. The banking crisis cost us £65 billion. It was money we could ill afford as Brown had already put us into over £800 million of debt. So the banking crisis accounts for only 8% of our debt. It suits Labour to blame it all on the bankers though.

    As I recall a number of thieving MP's and Lords were arrested and charged. Some bankers are greedy and disgusting but have operated within the law, so arresting them is not really an option.

    The banking crisis incidentally was brought about by irresponsible lending. Individuals and companies borrowed money which they could not pay back. Not entirely the bankers fault. Partly irresponsible debt ridden idiots, but hey, that was the example Gordon Brown gave them.

    The economy is crashing and if it does get worse, don't bank on the boys in blue if we now have to lose 16,000 officers.

  5. Never sure why some left wing folk have no sense of humour on such matters (esp given that quite a lot of these chavs will be racist BNP supporters anyway) yet the Guardian is full of jokes aimed at the police and the centre/right - along with interviews with people who liberal/radical povs deserve to at least be challenged a bit rather than just uncritically accepted. It is of course the case that probably the only papers that are more anti-police than the Grauniad (ok leaving aside the Morning Star) are the Mail & Express - as both have the classic middle class "you blue collar police types are here to deal with the oiks on our behalf" - indeed some of the most awkward people i've had to deal with have been middle class middle aged people who think the police are a tool to control the hoi-polloi -"what do you mean the road is closed, I play golf with your Chief Constable I'll have you know."
    Also whilst greedy bankers are an unedifying sight, unless they have broken the law then prosecuting them for receiving huge bonuses that their contracts allow is not doable and whatever their behaviour it is unlikely to put you in hospital whereas the reaction of your average chav/scrote/toerag/scally to you politely remonstrating with them for keying your car may well result in your earlier than anticipated arrival at the Pearly Gates.

  6. PS
    and I recall that Private Eye etc regulary used to feature the Vicar's newsletter (aka Tony Blair) and many people, esp on the left but also the right (and even the centre) thought it hilarious - along with regular joke wedding services etc. On ths subject of the jokes he/she asked for, actually I think that a lot of radical/trendy (and usually left wing) comedians take the line that nothing is sacred and that you can make a joke about almost anything (except possibly race). So how can mocking chavs, who after all mock all the rest of us with their glorying in stupidity and pig ignorance be so wrong?

  7. That was so funny I spewed coffee all over my keyboard. I'm pretty sure most of the welfare bums rioting can't read or write that well.