Monday, 22 August 2011

David Lamentable MP

If you want to make yourself really angry, violently sick or even both, read this article by Tony Blair in The Observer today. Tony doesn't think the riots are anything to do with moral decline, it's all about Tony. He had a plan to solve the whole issue of the underclass. The blueprints were left with Gordon and apparently buried by him. If only Tony had been left in charge the whole issue would have been resolved. How can they print this crud?

All political parties share some of the blame for the policies and strategies that have led us where we are but none more so than the last Blair/Brown regime. While some are still trying to blame the greedy irresponsible bankers it is worth reminding ourselves that these two clowns put the country into £800 billion of debt before the banking crisis. The banking bail out cost us about £65 billion. An unwelcome additional burden on our already debt ridden country, but responsible for less than 10% of our total current debt. So politicians conveniently blaming the state of our economy on bankers are being disingenuous to say the least.

Blair and Brown threw money at the social ills of our society, wasting it in the most disgusting way. Encouraging irresponsible lifestyles, benefit culture and buying votes; discouraging responsibility, boundaries and consequences.  Even the wretched Milliband recognised that the Labour party has become the party of the scroungers rather than the working man/woman. For Blair to suggest he could have prevented and solved the problem is an insult to any person with a modicum of intelligence.

I see that David Lamentable, the disgraceful MP for Tottenham, is calling for more money to be thrown at the area. He doesn't seem to understand that just throwing money at poor areas doesn't solve the problem but I guess it is popular with the voters. Voters in Tottenham also seem to like the suggestion that the police are killing black people in custody rather than any suggestion that the black community needs to sort out it's criminal elements.

Incidentally, you may have missed in the news that yet another young black man, Leroy James, has been murdered. There haven't been any protests, demonstrations, riots or even demands for justice because he wasn't shot by the police or stabbed by racist thugs. His killers were members of another black gang. When his father, also called Leroy James, was asked if children should carry knives, he replied. "It is up to them." Mr James is clearly no Tariq Jahan or any kind of role model.

I refer back to my original post on the riots following the shooting of Mark Duggan. When is someone from the black community going to stand up and and actually speak out against the drugs and gang culture in that community?


    and the

    Trojan Horse replica in Turkey.

    Why does the British Government classify Turkish people as White and Kurdish people as Arab (Other)?

    Have you overstood the Magic Carpet of Racial Justice?

    ". . . where ignorance is bliss,
    'Tis folly to be wise. . ."

    Humble yourselves you White Supremacist Racists and acknowledge this manifestation of the POWER of The Almighty before you get a "Bloody Good Hiding"!

  2. Lex,

    I don't think you will get anyone speaking out too soon. A dead cert vote looser.

    You also won't see anything in the papers or catch anything in/on the broadcast media along the lines of "Armed Police stop vehicle containg illegal firearms and ammunition. Black male occupants not shot dead" any time soon either. We know it happens on a regular basis but it isn't the news that the Police shooting of someone is.

  3. @ United Races - To my knowledge anyone from Turkey can call themselves white, dark european, Asian, Arab etc.

    @ Fuzzy - my point exactly. What sort of community do we have when there is no 'leader' willing to stand up and speak out about drugs and gang culture because they would lose support if they did? We need a leader with some balls to stand up and say it. Until the community acknowledges the problem, and uses their influence against it, little will change.
    David Lamentable MP is clearly not the person for the job and prefers to suggest the riot was the fault of the police and that the police are killing people.

  4. What you need is for David Lammy, infamous 'Mastermind' of the last Labour government to speak the truth like the Mayor of Philadelphia......

    There is as much chance of that happening as him actually being able to answer sweet FA about any general knowledge - basically zilch


  5. He is a cluster**** of lamentability


  6. Having spent a while on aid in London it's really refreshing to come back home....
    know one in the public domain has a clue what it's really like to police such a diverse inner city society. Obviously not an inner city worker it was very strange to get no response or a very negative reply about the police. Normal people just looked away when we were walking around (probably don't want to be seen as a grass).....

    I was on patrol one night in an estate with my PSU and we took a walk around the estate. To be honest is was deadly still and quiet for the summer holidays. I spoke to some of the residents and the same old rubbish came out about making cannabis a legal drug 'boring, it won't change a thing' he was ranting on that it was the police who were hostile to the public so know body likes the METS.....blah blah

    Let us not forget the reason we were all there is to show a make the public feel protected.....Oh lets not forget the trouble started because of quite a nasty chap carrying a gun?

    I'll be honest I won't be rushing back as the counties are a much more friendly place to work.

    I also wanted to mention that the MET get criticism for be racist...what a load of rubbish. One of the areas we were deployed to was predominantly a populated by the black community so tell me this, if I were to stop and search people in that area 'grounds permitting of course' is that racist? Come on....get a grip

    Another one of the areas we took a walk through was another socially deprived area, there was a group of males (black and white)sitting on a wall by a boarded up shop front. Immediately we were met with hostility, I made the mistake of saying 'alright lads' (Obviously they had never been spoken to by Police)......I thought we were going to be followed for a moment as they all got on the mobile phones and just stared at us like they wanted to kill us!!....It was not a nice feeling so hats off to the Safer Neighbourhood Officers, however the local bobby who works the area did say he had never been walking through the estate before!