Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's Not Over Yet!

Well, last night London was at peace again, although elsewhere in the country the feral youths went on the rampage encouraged by the scenes in London over the last few days. ‘Free stuff’ is too much of an attraction for the underclass who waste their lives rather than even think about becoming useful members of society.

The best thing I saw last night were decent people out on the streets protecting their properties; some white faces, but largely Sikhs, other Asians and Turks. Earlier in the day, hundreds of people were on the streets clearing up the mess. This sends out a strong message to the yobs that decent people are standing side by side with the police to enforce law and order.

We must remember that it was well advertised that the capital would be crawling with police last night. This cannot be maintained for long and we need to take steps quickly to ensure that there are no serious repetitions over the forthcoming weeks. Offenders need to continue to get knocks on the door and the justice system has got to stop pussyfooting around and incarcerate them. We need to consider setting aside prisons for these yobs. The message should be that you stay in custody until you are fit to join society. Education and training should be provided and you stay there until you reach a level of achievement. The namby pamby nonsense I have to put up with all the time from the Youth Offending Team and Probation needs to stop. All I hear is that they are ‘working with’ someone. This means they have a nice chat with an offender for half an hour and arrange for them to go on a daytrip and have a McDonalds. This is achieving nothing. Goals, boundaries and consequences need to be set and enforced.

These riots are music to the ears of the academics who might now get funded for another ten years to give us their enlightened opinions on all the social causes. For nothing, courtesy of another contributor, I can tell you the issues are family breakdown; absent fathers; grossly inadequate parenting; failure of education; welfare dependency; political correctness; victim culture; the irresponsible toleration of soft drug-taking; the distaste of the notion of punishment and the consequent collapse of authority in the entire criminal justice system; the implosion of the policing ethic and the police retreat from the streets; the increasing organization and boldness of anarchist and left-wing subversive activity; and the growth of irrationality, narcissistic self-centeredness and mob rule and a fundamental breakdown of morality and order.

In the area of self centeredness I would highlight the morals of our politicians and the greed of the affluent and overpaid rich and lack of philanthropic attitude are also contributing factors. In Europe, salaries more than £100K are still quite unusual, unless you are an MEP. In this country we have followed the American model and pay senior executives disgusting amounts of money that cannot possibly be justified. Funnily enough we have the same issues with a disenfranchised underclass and the police are not going to just beat them into submission for you.

We need wholesale changes in policies and strategies to address these issues.

From a policing perspective, the current liberal policies have led to two generations of violent, thieving, drug infested, welfare dependents that breed the next generation with no thought of responsibility. We simply house them and offer more benefits, education, social services etc. They take what they want and discard anything that might show any responsibility. The police to these people are just an irritation or the enemy. We have been talking about rights and responsibilities for years. Let’s have some firm action!

In some communities we have so called community leaders whose only concerns are self interest and adulation. Multi-culturalism is their life blood. Integration would render them irrelevant. The police and politicians have been fawning all over these people for years. We have seen now that they have no control or influence over behaviour in their communities and it could be argued that they actually deter the police from taking action allowing the criminal elements to go about their business unimpeded. We need to maintain and build good relations with the law abiding section of these communities and tackle robustly the criminal underworld within. And when someone shouts racist, we need to reflect on that, but we must not let it deter us from doing the right thing.

I do not agree that events such as the Notting Hill Carnival should be cancelled. This event is a good example of what has gone wrong with policing and society. The Carnival itself is not a lawless event and to cancel it would punish the law abiding majority taking part in it. What I see every year is the unlawful element moving into the event after dusk. I see gangs ‘steaming,’ robbery, violence and drugs. The police play it very softly, softly, scared stiff of the R word and upsetting the criminal elements. We need to let the event go ahead and tackle the criminals head on and clean it up for the decent people. This is a time for action not falling on the back foot again.

PS: It doesn't look as if there is much hope. Just watching the news and looters are walking out of the Courts on bail. That will show them!


  1. you say lock them up but i remember a guy who lived on my estate not a friend but knew the family well he was sent to jail for a horriffic offence his girlfriend then told me she was in town buying him playstation games and a duvet as he was allowed these things jail in the uk is a joke its a holiday camp you dont have to walk the streets for drugs just knock on cell door my father was in to crime as a lad and spent a whole lot of time in prison whitch he regrets but he would sit me down and tell me how nasty prison and borstal was and there and then i made my mind up that crime was not the root for me he since has worked everyday for 41 years and im now a soldier and me and my brother are the only kids out of my group of friends who have never been to prison or convicted of crime prison is not the awnser unless they toughen the jails up there holidayy camps not prisons but as usual the toffs and cops have no idea give me control of the uk for 20 mins and they would a slop bowl to shit in and itchy blankets no tv and a proper dose of jail but we live in the claim nation health and safety maddness we have lost our way

  2. Lex,

    This post and the last, spot on. Blog in general? Excellent! Keep shining that light.

  3. Lex, I think we were jotting down similar thoughts over the last 12 hrs. I, of course, have the benefit of no vanishing shift resources to deal with. Good hunting Mon Brave.

  4. Your comment about the rich is apposite too - to an extent though unintended the riots have been a boon to the politicians and media people (and ok top echelons of the police) as its taken the focus off seemingly insitutionalised law breaking inside the media and the latter's less than arms length links to both the politicians and some in the police. It makes me fume when I see the work that has to be put in on the comms side at work that journalists have had some bent bastards in their pockets in both the police and phone companies who have been giving them this data for cash

  5. Just watching the news and looters are walking out of the Courts on bail. That will show them!

    No, ACCUSED looters are out on bail. Would you like to be locked up knowing that you are innocent? Or do you think that only you should get bail and everyone else should be remanded? Until these people are convicted, there is a presumption of innocence, and that has to trump all else.