Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Malin Family Website

Please take the time to look at The Malin Family Website. At the age of 88, Lillian was brutally raped in her home by the Minstead Offender. It is believed that this 'man' is responsible for over 90 such offences committed since 1992. He is still at large. Lillian passed away never knowing why she was targetted by Minstead, always asking, "Why me?"

Jenny and Jim have set up this website in honorarium of Lillian. It is evident from their words and the eloquence with which they write when responding to messages of support from the public, that these are decent, caring, loving people who are desperate to understand what happened to their Aunt.

In a way, it has made me feel somewhat ashamed to have written posts complaining of the plight of being a police officer and the criminals we deal with on a daily basis. The latter are wholly undeserving of such attention whereas the Malin Family represent the very people I joined the police to serve.

If you could take the time to send a message of support to Jenny and Jim, I know it would be greatly apreciated and may go some way to helping them through their healing process.

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