Wednesday, 20 May 2009

An Addendum

I will now also be writing an article for the Police Oracle every Thursday, and my first one is out today. If you'd like to take a look, click on the following link.

It would also be worthwhile subscribing to the daily news letter Police Oracle sends out. It's extremely informative. You can access the site by using the link on my side bar.


  1. I read your article on Police Oracle via my 'regular newsletter' and I have to say - spot on. Sue Sim, well said. It's been far too long in coming but I for one am glad to see that senior officers are just as capable of dealing with politicians effectively, in the same way as we deal with criminals. Politicians clearly don't like a few home truths.

  2. The state of the media has been in an atrocious mess for a long time now. Unfortunately, as newspaper sales plummet and advertising revenues fall through the floor, the situation is not going to get any better. We will see a media which continues to over-hype so called 'news items' in a vain effort to flog more papers - I got bored of the expenses story about an hour after the story broke; "MPs are ripping us off!" screeched the media (quell surprise!). As for the swine flu panic, that was a non-story if ever I'd heard one - have you seen any mention of this scare since the expenses story broke?!

    As far as I can tell, the only people who are happy about all this are the news editors who have easy stories to report which people are happy to gobble up as so called 'news'.

    Or another note, I would be interested to know whether Sue Sim also found it "mysterious" that the story coming from the police changed after video footage of Ian Tomlinson was released by The Guardian.

    There are good eggs and bad eggs on all sides here and all sides need to clean up their acts (and that includes the demonstrators themselves).

  3. Disovered this blog via Sgt Simon a while ago - your visitor count is going sky high!

    Great blog!

  4. Thanks HJ 2000. Unfortunately, 950 of those occasions have been due to me logging into the blog from my other computer. Another 1 of them is down to my mum.