Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas to All You Plebs and Morons!

Well, it has all been happening whilst I was away..........NOT!

If he thinks the police are plebs and morons imagine what he thinks of the press

We still have Tory Ministers treating the police with absolute contempt but one of them is having a hissy fit regarding what he actually said because it has resulted in a pay cut. There is some irony there when the Government are determined to see through wholesale pay cuts to the police. Mitchell admits swearing at a police officer and has apologised for that. That is enough for him to go. Of course he doesn't want to admit the other words allegedly used as it would simply confirm the contempt and disdain that this Government hold the police in. The only confusion seems to be that some moronic pleb decided to send an e-mail to his MP claiming to have witnessed the incident when he did not.

This e-mail has been enough for some to suggest that the whole thing has been a conspiracy by the police. Mitchell's supporters have produced heavily edited CCTV claiming there were not any members of the public around and that there wasn't time for the words to have been said. This is all bunkum. 30 officers are now wasting police time investigating this sorry saga. I predict that the investigation will show the original officer in Downing Street will stick to his account, which is probably right, and one officer who sent the e-mail will be sacked for being a moron and damaging the reputation of the police.

I have learnt a lot on my travels. When you see the work ethic in third world countries and the generosity and charity towards those less fortunate it only confirms what a disaster our liberal infested society has become. More on (sic) that another time.

Happy Christmas!



  1. "....a conspiracy by the police?"

    How very dare they think it, lex.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Oh dear, PC Toby C Rowland of Aylesbury and PC Keith "Veracity is my middle name" Wallis are caught with their pants down. Pass the vaseline as it is going to be a long night. Victory in 2013. So who are we to give credence to? A Top Tory who is proven to be truthful or 2 scum who eat donuts and dared to fit up the wrong man? Ras Clarts!

  3. Did I miss something Ciaran? When was this 'Top Tory' found to be truthful?
    Look him up on Wikipedia. He didn't come out of the expenses scandal very well.

  4. Its Dermot. Dermot Ciaran Isley Broxted geddit? Now Lex, look at it from the Great British public's viewpoint, Mitchell may be mired in Duckgate but compared to Toby C Rowland of Aylesbury & Kev Willis he is a ****ing saint!

  5. Changed your name again Broxted? How many is that you have now? Must be very confusing for your PCC constituents.

  6. Such a pity WPC Jade D is having her period over Xmas;(

  7. Happy New Year! Hugs! Nice post....