Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Olympic Pay Bonus!!!!

You may have heard that the rail unions have made a deal with Network Rail. Transport workers will receive a 10% pay rise over the next two years and those working shifts during the Olympics will also get a bonus of £500.

In return for this the rail unions have agreed that during the run up to, and over the period of, the Olympics they will not take industrial action.

So, should the police look forward to a similar deal over the next two years? Of course not! We have been given a two year pay freeze and significant cuts to allowances. Anything to do with the fact that the police are legally barred from taking industrial action?


  1. How far are you barred from taking industrial action? I mean we all know you're not allowed to strike (and I'd agree that having no right to withdraw your labour is unreasonable and immoral, although you did all sign up to it when you joined). But surely you can take other forms of action. For example, can you refuse to work overtime? I can't see how anything can prevent a work to rule, although it sounds like you lot are tied down by so many rules already that people might not notice, and the only way I can think of to prevent the nuclear option of thousands coppers organising to agree a date on which thousands of them hand in their notice simultaneously is to reinstate slavery. How badly do you want it?

    On the other hand I do think that Bob Crow should have been told to stuff off.

  2. The police in this country are legally barred from taking ANY industrial action and to encourage or incite another to do so is a criminal offence, so you cannot even suggest it.

    If you are required to work overtime you have to. If you are required to work on a day off, you have to. To refuse would amount to gross misconduct and possible dismissal.

    Some people think Bob Crowe must be a clever man to have made train drivers so well paid as they are. I have met him and he is an unbeleivable moron. It dosn't say much for the managers of our transport system that he has been allowed to hold them to ransom for the last nine years. Lex

  3. Criminal? Then, and this probably isn't news to you, your job sucks arse and I wouldn't do it for quids. I know I said you all signed up for it but still a pretty nasty way to use someone's desire to do police work as a way to get them to accept Ts & Cs which wouldn't even be legal in any other line of work. What about the everyone resigns together option? Surely an officer can't be barred from announcing that he intends to resign on a certain date and expressing a vague wish that much of the rest of the force went at the same time?

  4. You should be pleased to have a job at all let alone 35k+ move into the real world