Thursday, 14 October 2010

Does Power Tend to Corrupt?

Chief Superintendent Adrian Harper and Superintendent Johnny Johncox

Sorry about the lack of recent posting. I have been busy with a few other issues and there seemed to be a lack of material to comment upon. This may well change when the Government announces its comprehensive spending review interim report and we get a better idea what damage might be done to the police service.

In July I ran this story about two Surrey senior officers who had been charged with corruption after apparently lying to avoid speeding fines and points. They were acquitted by the Courts but remained suspended from duty pending internal discipline proceedings. Everyone expected them to be sacked; especially as the Deputy Chief Constable was privately telling some people that he was going to personally see to it. Surprising then that this week both officers returned to work. The Force has sent an e-mail to everyone saying that both officers had apologised to the Chief Constable for any embarrassment they had caused and that was it.

A quick reminder that Superintendent Johnny Johncox was on his way to visit his girlfriend when he set of a speed camera. Apparently, he sent a report to his boss, Chief Superintendent Adrian Harper, saying that if he was on call and if he was travelling to HQ for an urgent meeting would he be exempted from the fine and points. Adrian Harper apparently got the report and exempted him. If this is true, Johncox never owned up to the fact that he was not going to HQ. In any case why was he exempted from speeding to attend a meeting?

Chief Superintendent Harper set off a speed camera going from his office at Reigate to Epsom. He told his boss, Assistant Chief Constable Ian Dyson, that he was the on call firearms officer and he was attending a meeting at Epsom. Ian Dyson exempted him from his fine and points. There was no meeting at Epsom that day and he added a meeting planner to his calender after the speeding offence to show to Ian Dyson. He was a regular visitor to Epsom station. He was a hands on manager and well liked by officers. He has been linked to a female officer at Epsom and so was possibly more hands on than he should have been. But whatever the truth, why was he ever exempted by the Assistant Chief Constable to attend a meeting?

Why have these officers returned to work without any discipline case? How many senior officers have been exempted from speeding fines and points to attend meetings by other senior officers? I think the public and the force deserve a full explanation.


  1. As you well know, it's one rule for them and another rule for the minions.
    If I, a lowly Constable, had set off a speed camera I would have been in the midden for sure. Even if I had been attending a meeting or returning to the station from home in response to a call out.
    This stinks- more than a 3 week old corpse trapped in an overheated flat in the middle of a heat wave.
    Only to be expected though.....

  2. Don't forget Adrian Harper was an 'Untouchable'- a member of the former DPS. Once an untouchable always an untouchable - he has friends in VERY high places. They could and can get away with murder. I only hope one day the truth will come out about all he and his colleagues did during their time at CIB3.


  3. I understand that all three are members of the same Lodge. Funny that!

  4. Dyson is a big time mason, kensington & Chelsea Division was big on Freemasonry....and then they got Ali D.

  5. Better summarised as FreeMasonry protecting the corrupt.

  6. The British police are out of control


    ‘For the first time, they will be given lists of sex offenders living on their patch so they can monitor them on a daily basis’.
    ‘And their radios will be fitted with global positioning systems so control rooms will know exactly where they are’.
    We have been doing this in WILTSHIRE for years.
    It’s just the old ‘beat crime unit’ model with a new name.
    All pointless when the Courts won’t send anyone down and ‘detections’ will soon suffer and they’ll all scuttle back to the offices to sort it out.

  8. As a member of the public, I can tell you that this is not surprising. It is the same as it ever was, only there used to be a balance. The Police used to tackle real crime and now it seems its all about police cash machines(speed cameras) and stopping people being 'offended'. Bah!!

  9. Corruption of the system was one of the reason I dropped my work and started working as a broker (with legal platforms from the forex broker rating). It's not that uncommon still.