Saturday, 5 January 2013

Justice Secretary Tells Truth - Shock!!

I fear that the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling won't last long in politics. His predecessor, Ken Clarke told us that prison was not the answer for criminals and he introduced half sentences for early guilty pleas and made it almost impossible to imprison anyone.

When Chris Grayling was appointed Justice Secretary it was assumed that there would be a swing to the right and a tougher stance on law and order. That hasn't really transpired and Chris Grayling's focus has been on rehabilitation. His grand plan is to have a mentor for every prisoner released from gaol. A bit of rehabilitation for our persistent offenders would be a good start. It is almost non existent in our ineffective justice system.

Now Mr Grayling has stated that he would like to see persistent offenders serve their full term in prison and not have automatic early release as they do now. Furthermore, he admits that the only barrier to this is cost.

I wrote a long article about the ineffectiveness of our justice system and how it is failing to protect the innocent and rewarding criminal behaviour. Mr Grayling is the first politician, that I am aware of, who admits that the Government is failing to protect us because it believes it cannot afford to do so. It is time people stood up and told the Government that they cannot afford not to protect us if they want to remain in Government.


  1. I think a few cost cutting measures in the penal system could save a few quid.

    On the documentaries I have seen prisoners are enjoying facilities comparable with a 3 star hotel- en suite toilet, colour TV, computer, play station etc.

    Surely a more austere system would save some cash?

    And may deter the odd repeat offender?

  2. En suite toilet? Is that a slop bucket Jess? TV is a privilege, as are computers (no internet for Muslims) you are talking about 20 yr lifers, not the average Cat C jail!

  3. Broxted,
    Im not sure I would demonise the slop bucket quite so much- my gran had a chamber pot most of her life - twas good enough for her. In fact she never really trusted them new fangled flushable things.

    A scottish spokesmen boasted about the TV and en suite toilets in all their cells.

    And every English documentary I have ever seen has shown TV/sink/playstation in the cells for all types of prisoner.

    However if it were the case that only lifers got TVs etc I would point out that one doesn't get a life sentence for merely scrumping apples.

    So I'm not sure why a 'lifer' deserves to have a TV tbh.

  4. Cos prison riots break out for less than not allowing lifers a telly.

  5. Broxted,
    Then I would make the prisons structure so draconian and restrictive that prison breakouts were near impossible.

    I find it revolting that we should somehow have to barter or compromise with rapists or murderers so they have a prison life more commensurate with their 'tastes'.

    Whats that all about?

  6. You mean as in Victorian times? How about a treadmill Jess? Oh while we are at it what about Hodgson, Kizsko, the B'ham 6 and all the other innocent "murderers and rapists" that Lex fitted up?

  7. Learned Council07 January, 2013 12:36

    Jess - what Broxted is saying, in his usual moronic fashion, is that the prison system, like the rest of the justice system, is now impotent.
    If we took away prisoners TV's Playstations Etc. Made them work, used chains, we would be straight up before the ECHR.
    In Broxted's warped mind, the majority of prisoners are innocent or simply fighting political tyranny and so must be treated and pampered as such.
    Let's hope the next round of PCC's introduce a few more people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  8. Derek, don't be silly.

  9. Broxted,

    Im not quite suggesting wall shackles and malnutrition circa 1800s, merely an austere and disciplined environment.

    Surely you don't think its a good idea that rapists and murderers employ violence and intimidation to control prisons and/or to decide on rules and policy.

  10. WPC Jess what use is imposed discipline? As for jails our lot (Muslim POW's and political prisoners) have influence on the wings and landings, just as it should be.

  11. Broxted,
    Well the imposed discipline would be to promote good order and too remove the possibility of riots.

    As to prisoners or PoWs controlling the wings - no I would say thats very undesirable.

    Who are you defining as political or PoW anyway- are you saying terrorists should have the run of the prisons?

  12. Muslim prisoners tend to be well disciplined anyway (no drugs no booze) and Special Category Status (or what England calls Political Prisoners) run their own compounds in Northern Ireland.

  13. Provided such systems are austere, secure and self disciplined then thats the ideal penal situation I guess.

  14. Not for 20 years Jess, time passes slowly in The Big House

  15. Broxted,
    Sorry- are you saying that if a sentence is 20 yrs long then the prisoners existence should not be secure, austere and disciplined?

  16. Not if they are political prisoners or were fitted up Jess;)

  17. Broxted,

    So are you are saying that ALL prisoners should be entitled to a lax prison environment with drugs, TV, alcohol, violence, insurgence, riots, etc JUST IN CASE they were fitted up?

    And even 'political prisoners' must have broken a law according to a peer jury or are being detained due to a significant actual risk according to a security agency.

    Whilst these are not ideal situations in terms of the usual rule of law, the protection of the public is the order of the day and even in that situation surely prison riots are not desirable for anyone?

  18. Riots in jail come about when screws start putting the boot in, juries find political prisoners guilty as they have no choice, also there are no juries in Magistrates Courts!

  19. Broxted,
    But earlier you said riots come about when lifers dont get telly? or even less than that?

    I would have thought 'putting the boot in' would be in response to prisoner misconduct. And prisoners are often very violent.

    But I would hope officers follow policy and are reasonable- though I am aware there are claims to the contrary and no doubt a proportion of them are true.

    If a jury finds a 'political prisoner' guilty according to our laws there must have been victims or 'near victims'- and I am entirely happy such convictions. What would the alternative be?

    All serious offences with long sentences have peer juries. But even magistrates are well trained and the appeals process ensures the rule of law was followed.

    In fact, its often argued that peer juries (or alt least the pro-accused restrictions) and magistrate courts are too soft on criminals and many criminals escape detection or prosecution or adequate sentencing.

  20. The alternative is not to dare raise your hand against a bunch of hippies waving placards. The police are the enemy, let them do the jail time.

  21. Broxted,
    Well I think I mentioned earlier, there will be other pertinent factors leading to prosecution- waving a placard wont land anyone in jail.

    And I dont think officers upholding the law is a bad thing. They are paid to do a difficult but crucial job- so i don't see them as the enemy.

  22. Gosh. WC Jaded is conspicuous by her absence! Enjoying one of those Burberry and bling deals in Magaluf, dear?

  23. Jess you can be arrested for f*** all reason, wake up and smell the cawfee.
    MTG, no, Jade is undergoing psychiatric care when not following "After Watt" 24/7.

  24. Jess,
    Im pretty sure you cannot be arrested for 'F all" reason.

    At my tender age, my friends, colleagues and family have never been arrested let alone convicted of anything.

    Police officers are accountable for the arrests they make are they not?- and have protocol for 'reasonable grounds' etc.

    well... do parking tickets count?

    I maintain its pretty easy to avoid arrest and sentencing by simply obeying the law.

    And my cawfee is already adequately fragranced thank you for asking.

  25. Of course not, you think plod are accountable? They are scum.

  26. Well they are accountable

    false arrest procedure for example
    complaints procedures
    paperwork trail etc
    the conviction of serving officers etc

    And the use of insults like that just seems childish to me.