Friday, 25 January 2013

Home Secretary, Chief Officers and Recruits

New Recruits - Are We Being Shortchanged?

I have said my bit about recruits salaries being cut and the Government somehow trying to sell the notion that this will improve the standard of recruits. Let there be no doubt that this is the Tories punishment of the police for perceived misdemeanours and will pave the way for privatisation of policing in the future.

Our wonderful Home Secretary, whose trademark seems to be a pair of Jimmy Choos, has enabled the new Police and Crime Commissioners to pay additional money to Chief Officers; up to 18% pay increases. Believe me, our Chief Officers do not need this carrot. They are already trampling over each other and sticking knives in each others back in order to clamber up the ladder. 'Kittens' now seems to have backtracked on her original view that the police did not need foreign police chiefs brought in to sort us out. She has decided to try and introduce legislation to allow foreigners to become Chief Officers.

The idea of the likes of Bill Bratton riding in on their charger and sorting out our criminal justice mess is a joke. When Bill took over as Police Chief in New York he recruited 5000 extra officers. He made sure the recruits were of a better calibre than those previously employed. He adopted a no nonsense approach to crime and stamped on organised crime and anti social behaviour. The difference is that here we are cutting police officer numbers, the American justice system supports that approach and the public supported the crackdown on anti social behaviour too.

When Bill Bratton has been here for a few months and realised that the British Justice system is just a revolving door for criminals: When he has been vilified in the press for bringing about the arrests of 'nice' middle class drunks and the offspring of hacks, you will see him heading back across the Atlantic with an almighty sideswipe at the Government. It could be a massive own goal for 'Kittens.'

There are some serious problems within the police service that have largely been brought about by the politicisation of police. Persistent Government tinkering and Police Chiefs falling all over themselves to bow to their whims has resulted in the situation we find ourselves.

We had 13 years of 'Nu Labour' who soaked up and embraced every piece of liberal advice and legislation emanating from Europe. The coalition Government have simply continued in the same vein.

Recruitment standards have been consistently lowered to meet politically correct quotas. We no longer have the authoritative figures required to deter, tackle and investigate crime in the manner that is required and expected by the public. Some officers are calling to be armed and bleat about the dangers of being single crewed. Hardly surprising when you need two or three officers to achieve what one used to be able to and when yobs treat the police with contempt knowing there is nothing the police can do and the justice system will completely fail to support them.

The office of constable is not overpaid but it is now filled with people who do not have the presence and, sometimes, other qualities required to fulfil the role. The introduction of PCSO's waters down the role of police officers and provides just another tier to be ridiculed by yobs and offenders. Tom Winsors notion of simply increasing academic qualifications will not change this. There are enough graduates in the job now. Almost all Chief Officers have degrees and they are apparently not good enough. Policing is all about common sense and academics are notoriously lacking in that department. These views will be seen as sexism, ageism, racism and many other ism's by the politically correct brigade and something that belongs in the past. Having retired, at least I can now express those views.

Chief Officers with Oxbridge degrees, like Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, instead of fighting the corner for our policing are happy tell politicians it can all be done for less and with second rate staff. Keen to make a name for himself and climb the greasy pole he happily draws up plans to sell all our police stations and move officers into shopping centres or coffee shops. Behind the scenes, huge investments were made in 'communications' to try and sell lies to the public via the media and inappropriate relationships were built with the press, seriously affecting the reputation of the police.

Morale in the police has never been lower. Joining the police used to be a vocation. With cuts in officer numbers, political interference at all levels, managers dancing to politicians tunes, a target culture, a completely ineffective justice system and now, huge reductions in pay and pensions, the vast majority of officers have given up. They attend the 'office' on time and leave on time. Senior officers fail to grasp the meaning or outcome of this change.

The crass and spiteful way in which this Government are treating the police appears to be revenge for a few high profile police failures and actions against the likes of  Andrew Mitchell. Their obsession with privatisation bringing about a cheaper more effective police is flawed. The police service needs improving, not destroying.



  1. Well Lex I must disagree with you on every point (quelle surprise) If you think Nu Labour liberal then WTF colour is the sky on your planet? Sentencing, 4 years for saying "Up the riots" on Facebook is soft? I attended a conference at Oxford last week on law & human rights, if only you knew the contempt you are held in not by yobs but by decent LAW ABIDING folks you'd see the writing on the wall, but you are too myopic to see and too dim to read.

  2. Learned Council25 January, 2013 17:06

    Rehill - has it ever occurred to you that if you attend a meeting of rabid, anti police morons, dribbling at the mouth whilst telling tall stories about their experiences with the police; you might get a biased opinion. But then never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  3. "There are some serious problems within the police service..."

    Your glass is half full, lex.
    Well meaning advice and assistance has poured into your profession and embarrassed it with 'herds' of scapegoats.

  4. Glad to see Melvin here, thought you had pulled off a commando style raid, dozens of hits on my blogge on your Tribute post. Learned, you are a total and utter (cont p.9)

  5. Learned Council25 January, 2013 18:17

    MTG - what on earth would you know about well meaning advice and assistance?

    Rehill - if I had wanted come back, I would have wiped your chin for you.

    Dozens of hits? Tribute? Dream on.

  6. Spot on Lex. Some of the new recruits do make me cringe as well.
    Thanks for all the advice Melvin,i've taken it on board.

  7. Good evening, WC Jaded.

    Your comment is a guarantee of a return to paid work. And you really must not thank me for any advice, dear. Imparting it freely is contrary to all my principles and instincts.

    I may be busy over the next few months but when Monday Books and Gadget have settled, do jog my memory again and the appropriate invoice will be raised.

  8. Oh dear "Learned" it was a pukka conference at Oxford where I chatted with the Masters of Somerville & St Johns Colleges, both of whom have zero faith in the roided out goons in blue!

  9. Learned Council25 January, 2013 21:27

    Rehill - Someday you will find yourself and you will be very disappointed

  10. Ciaran, I despair :-
    Well Lex I must disagree with you on every point (quelle surprise)
    So to take a few points from the post this would indicate your views are :-
    -Pay being dropped will IMPROVE standards of recruits.
    -Bratton and his proposals to increase numbers of police and raise the calibre would be accepted by the government.
    -recruitment standards haven't been lowered
    -We do still have authoritative cops able to tackle crime single crewed as the public expect.
    -The office of constable is filled with people who have the presence and qualities to fulfil the role
    -The introduction of PCSO's doesn't water down the property of constables.
    -Policing isn't about common
    sense it's about academic ability
    -Morale in the police has never been higher
    -We have an effective justice system

    I take little comfort in knowing that someone of such manifest stupidity appears to be such a supporter of the current police service. Though it is clear, yet again, that your posts only serve to highlight your intellectual "prowess" (ahem).

    I have no doubt that you happily espouse the final "disagreement" in that you believe the police service needs destroying not improving.
    I look forward to your proposals on what will replace it.

    Hopefully you are overcoming your embarrassment that the police consider you so unimportant that you aren't even worthy of a charge.
    Inanity, insignificance and the feelings of a wasted life - don't you ever think your time could be better lived with the computer turned off?


  11. Great post Tango but I feel you are wasting your time.How many times have you and I argued with the drunk ejected from a nightclub who doesn't know he's drunk and thinks he's being perfectly reasonable? He wants the bouncer arrested for assault for being lawfully ejected and he pays our wages.
    That's what arguing with Broxted (Rehill,Macfarlane,Goggins etc etc) is like.

  12. Poor Tango! Standards - you cannot polish a turd!
    Bratton? Roided out Yank goon
    Single crew? Where? Had lovely opportunity to "accidentally" push one of you under Tube at Victoria;)
    Office of C*nstable? Get over yourself you are govt unifored thugs at best
    PCSO - power mad you hate CHIMPS having a say
    Academia? You are semi literate at best
    Morale? £££££££
    Justice? Do not conflate fear born of vindictiveness with it
    Now to finish, you scum are so crap a crowd in Plymouth did your job
    Yes I did attend a top flight conference at Oxford...Melvin & I have the ability to do that, you and your ilk never will
    Jade? Oi Melvin did you fart?

  13. Learned Council26 January, 2013 17:45

    Rehill - when you were born something terribel happened - you lived.
    Do you seriously think you might fit in with a room full of academics? Do you ever read the tripe you write? Clearly, you never let an idea interupt the flow of your conversation.
    You do at least serve one useful purpose in life - as a disgusting example.

  14. Rehill/Broxted Etc. What a complete knob.
    'You scum are so crap a crowd in Plymouth did your job'
    Perhaps you would like to explain the police failings in this case. A man goes into a bookies apparently armed with a gun and is tackled by customers. Police arrive promptly and find the man unconscious. An ambulance is called. The police try to resuscitate him as do the ambulance crew when they arrive. He is dead.
    The only surprise in all of this is that you didn't accuse the police of murdering him.
    You are the most pathetic waste of oxygen on this planet.

  15. Joe Poulton, born 1947, joined The Met 1969 married 1971 to Susan Probert in Sutton. Drunk drive killing of a pedestrian 1977. Punishment was "one yr in uniform at another station". Oct 1989 retired on 42nd birthday due to Section 136 MHA. Hired to work with CIB3, he got hold of defence papers and passed these to the prosecution. 2007 2nd mental breakdown. Joined BNP now EDL organiser and free mason. Lives in Norfolk. But not for long;))

  16. Full moon again?

  17. Full moon indeed. Although this Rehill bloke seems to be a nutter at any given point in the lunar cycle.

  18. My personal view is that drunk driving contributing to manslaughter should usually result in a custodial sentence.

    However there may be mitigation we are not aware of that a court was and one must bear in mind the attitude to drink and indeed drink driving is much different today than it was in 1971. Not that this will be of any comfort to the victim or family.

    If your accusation of his membership of the BNP/EDL is true thats distasteful and unfortunate. I dont think the police would tolerate that from an officer these days and rightly so.

    Are we right to assume you are threatening some from of genocidal attack with your last remark?

  19. Please ignore the trolls. I only let them comment so that the public can get a taste of what the police have to deal with.
    It might seem like good sport but it only encourages them. Like a 3 year old child having a tantrum, the best thing to do is ignore them.

  20. "Please ignore the trolls."

    'Troll' is flexible in connotation, lex. The plod variant, appearing in Jaded's illustrated manual 'words wot can be writted and there meeninz' recognises trolling as adverse comment on police performance. You may wish to re-examine your own topic in the light of such sagacity.

  21. You are on top form today Melvin with your infestation of numerous blogs.Don't you ever get fed up with being the most pompous arse that ever existed?Please feel free to reply with a load of garbled phrases that no-one but you understands and then give yourself a smug pat on the back.

  22. Jess, plod are riven with free masons hence a 2 tier justice system. Both Melvin & I can read and write;)

  23. Jess genocide only refers to human beings, Poulton is part of a film being made on police corruption when decent folks see what is in the police no doubt he will be forced to move on;)

  24. Rehill,
    In my experience most decent people support law and order and support the police.

    And even if you are joking, suggesting that some humans are 'not human' because you do not approve of them is pretty extremist I'd say.

    Im aware of the freemason rumours, maybe there is even a grain of truth in it. Lex has already mentioned how those that are rich and influential have a better share of justice than the rest of us do.

    But I think a 2 tier system is just fanciful- if a cop was caught on rape or murder it would be infamous and custodial.

  25. Jess, some commentators views are extremely out of touch with reality.
    Freemasonary was an issue in the police up to perhaps 20 years ago. It was never an organisation for murky plotting and corruption. It was an organisation that helped promotion prospects, particularly amongst CID officers.
    In todays policing world very few officers are Freemasons. Membership of such an organisation is likely to be more harmful than helpful to an officers career prospects. The only exception to this is the Metropolitan Police where Freemasonary is still attractive to a minority of officers, mostly in CID. In the Met Freemasonary is still regarded by some as helpful to career prospects; nothing else. It is dying out.
    Personally, I do not see this as healthy at all. It excludes women, for example. It will always be open to allegations of unfairness and croneyism.

    I thought this topic was quite controversial. Does anyone actually have anything to say about the post?

  26. thanks Lex.

    and yes your post kinda scares me - seems like a recipe for lower standards.

    as for the criminal justice system I get so disgusted by the leniency to criminals and contempt for victims I try to not read too much about it.

    It just upsets me...

  27. It is a dull post Lex comme d'habitude but your comments on free masons are actually quite interesting.

  28. Rehill,

    "Academia? You are semi literate at best".

    Have you actually read what you write? Your sentences are poorly constructed and your use of punctuation is nonexistent or badly used.

    Lex, we're on an unstoppable moving train. Those jumping off are doing so at great risk. I will be voting in the latest fed stuff but I doubt it will make a difference.

  29. Learned Council28 January, 2013 14:13

    Sorry Lex, I know we shouldn't respond to the idiot but sometimes you just have to point out his stupidity as he clearly doesn't understand it.

    Rehill - what you are saying is that you have been stalking and making inane comments on this blog for three years; but that the blog is incessantly boring. What does that say about you?

    What did your Oxbridge academic 'friends' think of your views on anything? Hopefully, you didn't drop any clangers like 'learned council.'
    I am sure you held your own chatting to the Masters of Somerville & St Johns Colleges. I am sure no one laughed at you. No, really, I am sure they didn't.

    Your maxim really needs to be that it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove any doubt.

    I hate to think what you 'chatted' about; if you said what you thought you would be speechless.

  30. Jess, when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. Plod are fit only for being roasted fro the earth with a flame thrower. Their position is untenable and they know it. I may not live to see what happens but I know good defeats evil so my side will win eventually.

  31. Jess, when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. Plod are fit only for being roasted fro the earth with a flame thrower. Their position is untenable and they know it. I may not live to see what happens but I know good defeats evil so my side will win eventually.

  32. We heard your stupidity the first time.

  33. thanks for share...

  34. Rehill, what a total cunt