Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Shootings and the BBC (2)

I started watching Newsnight tonight. The BBC has taken a new tack which has driven me to switch off the TV before a brick goes through the screen. The allegation now is that the shooting of the two officers is the fault of the police because the 'community' have lost confidence in the police and so they harbored the suspect rather than hand him in.

Apparently the 'community' in Manchester, whatever that is, feel safer being protected by local 'hard men' rather than the police, as they are more effective.

Let's make it clear; the 'community' that harbored this suspect are part of the criminal underworld.  They may have been assisted by a few people on the fringes and who are part of the underclass. They are nothing to do with the vast majority of decent law abiding people in this country, who have little idea about the lives of the underworld and underclass.

Our schools are producing kids who learn that being a 'grass' is worse than being a peadophile. From an early age they learn that outing poor behaviour will result in a beating and our liberal schools, parents and society are completely ineffective addressing the issue. This behaviour continues into adulthood and it is the justice system, not the police, that fails to protect those that would speak out against criminal behaviour.

How can the police gain the confidence of those being victimised by and drawn into criminality when all they can do is place offenders before the courts, who fail to protect victims from persistent offenders. When these victims and witnesses are threatened and beaten by offenders with impunity it is very difficult to persuade them to step up to the mark again.


  1. Hard for you to accept that Mr & Mrs Decent-Ffolkes have abandonned you and now all the poor (of whom there are many) consider you de trop. Again you use "Liberal" as a dirty word Better than neo nazi scum anyway.

  2. So why do people protect and harbour killers then, DCI?

  3. Broxted - decent people haven't abandoned the police. 99% of non offenders support the police. 90% of what you call the poor support the police and are frustrated by those committing crime, taking drugs, abusing benefits Etc. They are frustrated because they have to live with the decisions of Government whilst most people don't even have to see it. The police are the enemy of a growing number of criminals and the perceived enemy of a small handful of sad individuals with their psychological issues.
    As some moron called Ciaran Rehill likes to say. 'Wake up and smell the cawfee.'

  4. Anon - many consider that anyone killing the police would be akin to a hero. Not nice for you to hear but true nonetheless. Take scum like "Joe Poulton". I have his photo if you wish;)


  5. 'Wake up and smell the cawfee.'

    Learned Council may provide a violin accompaniment for 'I recall a time when my Village was well policed and our Sergeant was well respected'. Those who know this was once a great English tradition, have been alarmed by a disastrous deterioration in our policing.

    Prior to the disbanding of our police forum, the chairman refused to admit my report of a large section of Village youth refusing to have dealings with police beyond 'No comment' and two other words with which you are doubtless familiar, LC. A significant number were expressing hatred of police and speaking of 'shanking a copper'. An expression which first conjures up a dance routine in the minds of my generation, actually refers to knifing anyone in police uniform.

    For two decades we issued warnings, whilst watching the entrenchment of this worrying culture in our estates. Yet police continued to bury their heads in the sand; aggravating the situation with the weird bravado 'bring it on if they dare.'

    @ DCI Broxted.
    The more depressing possibility of police bigots sleeping through the aroma of rotting flesh on our streets, seems real enough.

  6. Broxted anyone killing you may also be considered a hero.Or at least getting rid of vermin.

  7. Dear Melvin, Learned Council did not grow up in a village but in the teaming stews of Battersea, post WW2. He joined The Met soon as they'd have him and promptly started "fitting up" most of New Addington. He is eye deep in s**t over the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Currently in Norf**k.

  8. I think what is being ignored by the press is that regardless of the criminal feud and "wall of silence, Cregan and a number of others have been charged with the murders of Mark and David Short.
    Clearly the "wall" isn't that high or impenetrable.

    The police doing what we do best - investigating and detecting serious crime regardless of the identities of the victims or offenders. It's the reason that Broxted et al feel free to troll and abuse at will, because ultimately they know that we will literally put our lives on the line should they be victims of serious crime.


  9. TangO you were worse than useless when I was burgled. As I said I had to get a kitchen knife and ensure the house was empty. Your lot needed stab proofs and back up. Onanists.

  10. If I was a copper I think I would like a stab proof vest.

    As is clear from the recent murders of 2 WPCs police are always in danger when on duty.


  11. Perhaps Broxted you were burgled by the security services as you represent such a big threat to the government? It's all a conspiracy to steal your DNA and plant it in the growler of a slapper and you can be falsely accused of rape to keep you quiet.
    Freedom for Tooting!!!

  12. Jess you are a copper but seem to be a unique nice one.
    WPC Jade D, the police are expending a huge amount of resources on myself and other dissidents (some in exile some not). That proves my point, disproves yours and shows what a ***t hole the UK is. America's smallest and poorest province.

  13. I think all the readers here knew I was being sarcastic Broxted-except you.
    I'm sure the govt has called an emergency session of COBRA to decide what to do about you.

  14. Cobra? Not needed. You are a de facto police state over there, the world knows it. Once your own proles awaken...

  15. How's your mate Ched getting on?
    Another conspiracy to stop Sheffield United getting promoted?

  16. I am in a Win-Win situation and you are too dumb to see it. Oh and a major probe into police corruption is getting ready to go online (outside of Europe scumbags so don't even try!) Now cry into your beer at the Free Masons Lodges!

  17. Broxted

    I cannot be that nice- Shanky called me all sorts this week as I dared to hold a different view to him.

    If I am a copper because I am, generally speaking, pro Police, then thats makes 99% of the public coppers too.

    If I am a copper simply because I visit this blog every week then that makes you a copper too.

    ps I came to this site as I was angry at what happened to my friends caught up in the riots last year and this site was throw up in the search engine.

    Im afraid I am nether Special Branch, FBI, MI6, PC or even a TV licence investigator.

    I have my own criticisms of the police (as well as praise) but my own personal gripes haven't come up for discussion thus far.


  18. MTG - you are referring to a minority who are the underclass that Lex likes to refer to. Groups of yobs talking about shanking coppers are not taken seriously. Ironically, I think you support what Lex says but don't quite realise it because of your own bigotry.
    You are blaming the police as they are the front line of the justice system. It is the justice system behind the police to blame for the behaviour you refer to. It is idiotic judges who have decided that telling police officers to 'Fuck Off' is not an offence because they should be used to it.

    The police spend almost all their time on the estates you refer to trying to tackle and keep a lid on the underclass. The general decent law abiding public hardly see the police because they are on these estates.

    It is our weak and watery courts, Youth Offending Teams and Probation Etc that fail to sentence offenders effectively and deter their behaviour.

    Broxted - I thought the reason for your psychosis vis a vis the police was a speeding ticket or perhaps a clip around the ear for importuning. Now it appears you didn't like the way we dealt with your burglary. I cannot believe that a man with your background and connections bothered the police with a burglary. Surely you got your property back and kneecapped the offenders? Next thing you will be calling the police about the kids playing knock down ginger at your hostel.

    How is the campaign for Police Commissioner going? LOL

  19. Shanky here.

    Ferenda, what happened to my reply to you and Jess on the Hillsborough thread? Usually when a comment is taken down I see a notice that says something along the lines of “comment removed by author.” This time I saw none - like it never existed. I published it sometime between eight and nine a.m. on Saturday. It was definitely published and it took me twenty minutes of my rapidly evaporating life to write and contained nothing that could possibly be construed as being worthy of censorship.

    Jess, due to Ferenda’s arbitrary censorship I’m afraid I’m left with no option but to withdraw. As I said in my censored piece on the Hillsborough thread in reply to your last comment to me, you need to copy the link and then paste it into the address bar in order for it to “work.” I also left the following link to a song that bears a number of similarities to my own life that may help you understand how people react to me generally and how I choose to live out the remainder of my life. (highlight, copy and then paste it into the address bar…)

    I don’t think I’ll be back unless I see my comment reinstated, but I’m sure I won’t be missed.

    I am Shanky.

  20. Shanky I will miss you.
    Jess I think you are some sort of plod, as for 99% when I lived in Brixton it was and still is far from 99% support. Replicate this nationwide, you even lost the suburbs with "easy" collars of Mr & Mrs Decent-Ffolkes.
    Joe Poulton - looking forward to your court appearance.

  21. Salutations Shanky!
    Your comment was not published as it went into spam for some reason. I don't check spam regularly. It has now been published.
    I don't delete comments, no matter how much I disagree with them, unless they are unlawful. e.g. racist abuse, defamatory.
    Having said that, can everyone please try and keep it polite, on topic, constructive and ignore rather than bait the trolls.

  22. Oh and it was the guys on the Ground Floor who called plod. Comme d'habitude they turned up a hour later (well, only a burglary). Hence I had to see if the house was cleared or not. I was no fan of the scum in blue even before Brixton 81 & 85. Jah.


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