Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Nick Herbert Throws His Teddy

Nick Herbert - Former Policing Minister

There has been speculation as to why the Policing Minister, Nick Herbert, resigned yesterday. The reasons are quite obvious.

Herbert, and his boss Theresa May, were given a brief to reform the police at all costs. To reduce pay, pensions and allowances. To bring in private sector management practise's and to privatise large sections of the service. In other words, to totally ruin the only effective part left of our ludicrous justice system.

I have met Herbert. He is an arrogant man who has no time for anyone at the 'coal face.' Views that contradict his own or that of his brief are an irrelevant annoyance. He has no idea what consultation means. He is typical of this Government, who seem to be completely out of touch with the realities of the recession for ordinary people. We are NOT all in this together.

Herbert resigned for two reasons. Firstly, he felt having done the bidding of his masters, and with his arrogance, he deserved a promotion in the latest cabinet reshuffle. Secondly, he knows what a mess policing reform and privatisation is going to make of the police service. He did not want to be left in post to take the blame for his decisions.


  1. Good riddance.
    Let's keep an eye on his next move regarding directorships.

  2. You cannot keep a good man down, lex. We can only hope his return will out Lazarusesque your own.

  3. What's happened to dear old Ciaran? His nonsensical blogs have been shut down and he hasn't cropped up here for ages.

    It's just a guess, but could this have something to do with it?

    I do hope so.

  4. Oh I do hope that Broxted has become another political prisoner.

  5. Unless he has bail conditions not to be a cock then he will be back soon.

  6. As his computer has been seized it will be a few months before he has saved enough benefits to get another.
    And with no access to the internet look out for a sad 51 year old man scouring the roadside for discarded porn.

  7. Good evening, Learned Council/Tnago.

    There are many worse vices but the nasty habit of smearing citizens and gloating over any possible prospect of their downfall, is probably the most maladaptive for any policeman.

  8. MTG-the King of Gloating!For someone of your supposed intelligence you really don't understand irony do you?

    Broxted/Rehill/Macfarlane or whatever his name is has called for police officers to be killed and has threatened to do it himself.I hope the full weight of the law falls on him.

  9. Melvin, the King of schadenfreude and Queen of hypocrites. Irony, irony, he's got it, irony.

    It is difficult not to gloat, or even laugh out loud, at the thought of urban terrorist Broxted in his possible predicament.

    A man who is going to kill a police officer. A man who is just waiting for the next riots before he flies in and leads operations on the ground. A man who is going off to the middle east to train with the taliban. (If only he could get a visa!)

    The thought of such an agitator being brought to his knees by having his computer seized and bail conditions imposed is really quite funny.

  10. Good evening Melv,
    Sorry to disappoint but I am not Learned Council and this is my first post on this thread.
    Thanks for your civil greeting though.

    I take it your post is referring to Broxted.
    I am sure I mentioned many posts ago how strange it was that you appeared to assume that the enemy of your enemy was your friend.
    Did you read the vitriol and threats toward the police he posted?
    At least prior to that alliance you appeared, unlike Broxted, to have some provenance and principles, however misguided.


  11. Good evening, Tang0.

    "Did you read the vitriol and threats toward the police he posted?"

    Regretfully, no. My attention may have been otherwise occupied by the arrests and unjustifiable detention of honest citizens; held in custody to facilitate snooping and bullying by members of a State gang. On the subject of fragile citizen liberty, Ron would undoubtedly have a forthright opinion to express, dear chap.

    @ Jaded

    'Dinner time' was that midday relief for your Secondary School teachers. The English convention for which you fumbled on JuliaM, is 'dinner' or dinnertime.

    A blunder in etiquette from the middal class and educatid?

  12. Once again Melvin you completely ignore the point and fall back on being the grammar police.You are a boring tool.Middal is spelt middle and educatid is spelt educated just in case.
    How is the cuckoo's nest today?

  13. Oh what a shame….maybe some of the other MP's should follow suit