Thursday, 19 April 2012

Home Secretary Resigns 2

Qatada and his family have cost the British taxpayer an estimated £2.8m

Last November I wrote this when our illustrious Home Secretary, Theresa May, was under pressure to resign following a complete mess up within the Border Agency. She managed to survive that one. Whether or not she deserves to survive the Abu Qatada fiasco is another question.

Qatada is a Jordanian who came to the UK with his family is 1993 and was granted asylum in 1994. He was convicted, in his absence, in 1999 by Jordanian courts for terrorism offences and his extradition was requested. Since 2002 Qatada has been in and out of custody while British authorities have tried to secure his extradition to Jordan. Qatada has, unsurprisingly, fought this extradition tooth and nail. In February 2009 the Law Lords decided that he could be extradited to Jordan. Qatada's lawyers appealed this to the European Court of Human Rights.

On the 17th January 2012 the European Court decided that Qatada could not be extradited as it would breach his right to a fair trial. While the British Government sought assurances regarding this issue from Jordon, Qatada was released on bail. Having received these assurances, the Home Secretary decided to have Qatada arrested and deported on the Tuesday 17th April in the belief that this date was outside of the 3 month appeal limit on the European Courts decision.

There have been a number of cases from the European Court that have made it clear that the appeal period starts on the day after the decision of the Court. It has come to light that a number of legal experts contacted the Home Office to ensure they were aware that the appeal period ended on the 18th April. Somehow this information was overlooked and the arrest went ahead followed immediately by the inevitable appeal. This now means that, once again, Qatada cannot be deported and another lengthy and expensive appeals process will now commence.

It has been estimated that Qatada and his family have cost the British taxpayer £2.8 million, to date, in benefits and legal fees.

Theresa May has clearly been badly advised in this matter but she is the decision maker and ultimately responsible. There are always calls for incompetent public sector managers to be sacked. I think it is time Mrs May stepped up to the mark and threw herself on her sword.


  1. There is a "fast track" at Strasbourg. I am astounded that you hold a warrant, someone as DIM as you can deprive real people of their LIBERTY? Cost to taxpayer? No worries, the Schleswig-Holstein-von Blah blah cost more. Cost to taxpayer? Maya Evans held in jail for 1 week, political offence. Her fine like mine was £300, refusal to pay = jail at £1000 per week. ECHR? Jesus, you still haven't implemented the Marper ruling from 4 years ago! F**k me my Blood Pressure is sky high now. See what you did?

  2. Ciaran - if your apoplexy proves fatal, the posting will have been worth it.
    By the way, Marper sunject of appeal. Should get a result in a few years. Until then stop whining. Works both ways...... sometimes.

  3. Bet you wish you had killed me when you had the chance. "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty".

  4. Calm down Ciaran. There is nothing 'fast track' about Europe or Strasbourg. We will have to wait months for the Grand Chamber to decide if they will hear the appeal and then, if they hear it, another few months for a decision.
    Refused to pay your fine. Wow, you really are an anarchist aren't you? Or perhaps you are just like one of the thousands of persistent offenders who don't pay their fines secure in the knowledge that our joke of a justice system is no threat to them

  5. The Grand Chamber can fast if it wants to. One cannot appeal against a G.C decision, it is final. Persistent offender? That is more than once? I had zero contact with you scum until my mid 40s. Agreed that the "justice" system is a joke. Final hint - arrest and deal with burglars, muggers and you may get a scintilla of respect. Spend 99% of your time on "political offenders" and you are fucked.

  6. Ciaran,
    Typical of of most the internet warriors and the professional protestor brigade you appear to have a totally distorted view of the actual functioning of the police service.
    We spend the overwhelmingly vast majority of our time dealing with burglars, muggers and the like. We actually spend a minute fraction of our time engaged in oppressing the masses and targetting political prisoners like yourself ;-)
    Incidentally what were you fined for - and have you ever paid it?


  7. Tango, Swearing at police and BNP (same difference really). No.

  8. Ciaran, did you post the bit about gadget and the pictures of little boys on the other blog which is aimed at angry 14 year olds? How mature! How articulate and succinct! Mummy must be proud. Is it bed time yet my little middle class angel? Why policemen rise to your bait puzzles me, if you need to spend all your waking hours reading police blogs and posting oxymoronically insults then indeed you need a life!!! Be proud officers, little Ciaran gets angry, whilst you are winding him up you must be doing something right. Read the Eric Blair quote regarding Police Officers, a true left wing intellectual. Bed time now Ciaran, sleep tight X

  9. Must get lonely on the Torygraph, esp since that Seanofthedead thing backfired. Give my regards to Sgt Rowe;)

  10. Makes no sense Ciaran, just gibbering now sweetie!

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  12. Did the Home Office mandarins do this deliberately?


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