Monday, 13 February 2012

Smiley Culture Guilty!

Smiley Culture - Drug Pedlar

There was a lot of fuss when Smiley Culture decided to kill himself rather than face justice. Allegations that the Met Police had murdered him. Allegations of racism, along the lines that the police couldn't accept a black man could be a successful businessman rather than a drug dealer.

The press and certain sections of the Croydon community have been very quiet following the conviction of three of Smiley's accomplices for conspiracy to supply drugs.  The convictions mean that the jury accepted that Smiley Culture was the architect of this conspiracy involving the importation of cocaine to this country. Smiley paid for five British drug mules to travel to Barbados and collect 30 kg of cocaine. They were arrested at Barbados airport. Smiley was due to travel on the same plane back to Britain as the mules. One of the mules told police he had paid for four previous similar trips.

So let's drop all the Smiley is innocent claptrap and let's instead start denouncing drug dealers and criminals  in the community and encouraging young people  to get an education and lead law abiding, useful lives.


  1. He can't have been guilty,there were numerous comments on your previous posts saying he was framed.Surely they weren't wrong?

    Free the Warlingham three!!!

  2. His Nephew has used his death to raise money and raise his own profile, whilst four women languish in a Bajan jail . hundreds of people have lost their lives in Police custody its just a shame the Emmanuel family have been allowed to prey on the genuine grief of others

  3. Anonymous - 0032 - hundreds of people have lost their lives in police custody? Where? Barbados?Libya? Syria?

  4. In England Ricky Bishop , Roger Sylevester, Mikey Powell, Leon Patterson ,Christopher Alder, Sean Rigg to name a few

  5. Well done on an awesome blog and measured comments. Delighted to see Smiley exposed as the criminal he was.


    1. You are right, and of course so very wrong. Whilst I have no doubt smiley was most probably involved in the initial cocaine charges, I also have strong hunch that the evidence due to be given by smiley probably didn't favour certain friends of the met. The police had no warrant to even be there. Wake up people

  6. The Brits have the highest raates of deaths in custody in Europe. Worse than Albania, Belarus, Malta and other beacons of democracy. You might get further with "MOPs" if you actually put your hand up to a few deaths in custody. I read Hopkirks report. S**te!

  7. anonymous,
    And it is a few isn't it - 6 names that you have listed, spanning 10 years.

    Whilst every death following police involvement is a tragedy - get some perspective.

    Even if you look at the INQUEST figures - 530 over 12 years following custody or other police contact. This is larger than the figure of 333 from the IPCC - which more tightly defines deaths as - deaths during or following police custody. The INQUEST figure works out as very roughly 5 per 100,000 notifiable arrests.

    (Obviously bearing in mind that the figure of arrests are used because the number of people that police actually come into contact with is almost unquantifiable but much larger.)

  8. Ciaran - you keep making that claim - I can't find a link anywhere with any non-UK figures?
    You got any references?

  9. You are the Police officer my friend I am not here to prove who has died in Custody from who hasn't! I listed only those names as the actual list is too long for this comments section .However as I said before the Emanuel family representatives have used the grief of genuine families who have lost a family member in custody for their own gain .As uncomfortable as it is for you you have to admit people do die in custody and as yet no police officer has ever been held accountable .One death in police custody is one too many

  10. People do die in police custody.People die everywhere.The most dangerous places are either in hospital or queuing up in fried chicken shops.
    Drug dealers don't count.

  11. This is a very Special Day, Jaded. There are so many young people in the world to whom your heart could be opened.
    Contact the HTA today and make that donation.

  12. Oh dear, all the death in custody armchair revolutionaries are out.

    People die every day, drug addicts, drug dealers, alcoholics, those with mental health issues are far more likely to die than fit healthy normal people. The police arrest a lot of drug addicts and dealers, alcoholics and people with mental health issues. It is part of the job. We do our best not to let them die. The paperwork and aggravation is horrendous. Sometimes they do die in the cells. Sometimes we take them to hospital and they die. Sometimes they go home and die.
    Without a shred of evidence certain sections of our community just start shouting that they must have been murdered by the police.
    Let's just take Ricky Bishop mentioned first in the list by anonymous. Ricky Bishop was another drug dealer. He was detained by the police and taken back to Brixton Police Station for a thorough drug search. He had in his mouth a number of deals of crack cocaine. The police tried to get this out of his mouth but Bishop chose to swallow them instead. He was taken to hospital and died. Here we are again trying to defend another drug dealer and blame the police. Disgusting.

    I cannot think of any death in custody where any police officer has been found guilty of a crime. And this isn't because of a cover up as the defenders of drug dealers etc. would have you believe. It is because there is no evidence to show that the police are criminally responsible for their death.

    Ciaran - you seem to have difficulty understanding statistics. Britain does not have a higher number of deaths in custody than the rest of Europe. In Britain, deaths in custody include those who have been arrested but recently released or taken to hospital. Most of Europe only include deaths whilst under arrest. If you compare like with like our figures are better than many European countries.

    We do our best but we cannot stop every suicide. We cannot always stop drug addicts hearts stopping. We cannot always stop alcoholics or extremely drunk people from expiring.

  13. Done it again Melvin-please translate for the hard of understanding.

    Once again we find ourselves on opposite sides of an argument.Me on the side of law and order and decent people,you defending drug dealers and other assorted scum.Good luck.

  14. Greetings! this is Merlin Emanuel....(Smiley Cultures nephew)
    Firstly, let's make something clear, I have never, at any point raised or asked for any money for my uncles death, I sold a few t-shirts and that's it... in fact i'm in a considerable amount of debt as a consequence of trying to raise awareness about deaths in police custody. I have a very good idea who the anonymous individual is/are, but of course can not prove this...
    I would also like to say that I believe that most officers do a very good job and as such should be applauded, however I also believe that there are a fraternity of officers that have compromised the reputation of the force for a variety of reasons...
    In regard to Smileys case and the individuals charged, I have never proclaimed Smiley to be innocent, although, I personally never knew him as anything other than an inspirational and upright figure, there is always a possibility that he strayed from the path of integrity.... What I did say, is the fundamental principles of British law deem a man innocent until proven guilty.. Smiley and those that stand accused have not yet been found guilty of anything...
    My gripe with my uncles death is not if he was an angel or demon but how he died.. It was most peculiar to say the least. If any other persons family member had died under such peculiar circumstances, of course, by default, there would be an understandable concern... One love to each and all. Other than your obvious bias towards your colleagues, I find your blog informative and enlightening. One love to each and all.

  15. If I posted stats you'd only say they were biased! Google them. Emanuel? The campaign was taken over by Lee ("Where is the £510,000?) Jasper who promptly had a putsch to get rid of whitey/anyone who he saw as a threat to his moribund political career. Finally deaths in custody. You know, folks, even I can see that if a self harmer arrives in a bad way he/she may die and IT IS NOR PLODS fault! But get this, fit young man gets into police van and 5 mins later is dragged out with head injuries. What were Richard O'Brien's last words?

  16. Hi Ciaran... Merlin again.. Lee and Dempsey assisted in the initial stages of the Smiley campaign and I thank God for their work, however for the last 6 months or so, the Smiley Culture campaign has been run by myself and a few good men/women.. Lee Jasper is a friend/colleague of mine and although I feel at times he has a propensity to 'ethnicize' issues unnecessarily I respect him greatly for his work on raising awareness on deaths in police custody as I do for others, even those that question the motives of myself and family... As for £510,000 going missing, I aint got a clue mate! I bloody wish I had £510 right now...
    Well done for raising awareness about deaths in police custody on the blog, I pray that one day SOON we can all get along and live together in peace and harmony and banish the spectre of deaths in police custody to the pages of history.
    For the avoidance of doubt, I despise drug dealers, they are a blight on our community and I have no time or respect for them, however, contrary to the ideals of many, they are still human beings and as such should be accorded a fair and transparent judicial process if accused of any misdemeanours... This has not been the case with many of those families that have lost loved ones in police custody. It is my intention to change that if at all possible.. If not, at least I tried my best to make a progressive change and that's all that you can ask of any individual.. I'm not sure that my words will be received with any degree of empathy on such a site but the truth must be told regardless..One love to each and all.

  17. Very convincing Mr Emmanuel, you say you are in debt because of the campaigning you have been doing ? may I suggest you ask Smiley son Young Don for a loan ? as he seems to be doing quite well for himself for somebody who is unemployed! Anyway I won't keep you ,as I'm sure you have a court case to attend this week ? your cousin Smiley daughter appears to have been involved in a bit of drug smuggling with her dear old dad !

  18. Merlin - thank you for your sensible and positive contribution.

    Ciaran - we are never going to stop deaths in custody. As has been said, when people are very drunk, when they have taken drugs, or both, a very small number will die in cells or hospitals as they do at home or elsehwere. Half of all deaths in custody are suicides. The police have taken huge steps to try and identify potential self harmers and prevent this. You will never stop them all.

    Throwing into the mix individual cases suggesting police sculdugerry or murder is not helpful when the due process of law has taken place and the police have been largely exonerated.

    In 1994 Richard O'Brien was drunk and violent when arrested. He was placed face down in a police van and died of positional asphyxiation. In 1994 positional asphyxiation was not understood and unfortunately several people placed face down in vans and cells died as a result of this. The risk is now understood and changes in training and procedures have almost eliminated this cause of death in custody.
    Three police officers were charged with Richard O'Brien's manslaughter and, having heard all the evidence in detail, a jury of your peers acquitted the officers of any crime.

  19. Merlin, good comment but Lee Jasper called me a racist a rather daft move as even my worst enemies in plod know that I am 100% left-wing, anti racist and was at Brixton 81, 85. Now to Lex,what were O'Brien's last words?

  20. @ Lex... Thanks for your rational and respectful response.. I may not agree with everything that you say but at least there is clarity and competence in your opinions..
    @ Ciaran, I can't talk for Lee Jasper and him calling you a racist but you're both 2 grown men and I pray in time you can sort out your misunderstandings as you appear to be a decent fellow...
    To the anonymous comment, I found your comments hurtful and toxic for obvious reasons but at the end of the day you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine and therefore I wish you love and light as I also do to all those mentioned above...
    I hope you all have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week.
    One love to each and all. M.E (Merlin Emanuel)

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Ciaran (and Lex as well for that matter)
    I am really struggling to find any references to deaths in POLICE, custody figures for anywhere other than the UK, despite my best google ninja.

    Given that Ciaran loves to throw around the allegation that we are so much worse than the rest of Europe if he could at least cite some sort of source it would be appreciated.

    Anonymous (the 12:17 one!)

  23. How can a family member whose fortunes are built on the misery of others claim to be so against drug dealers when half your family tree is either dealing /up in court for or living off drugs ? the stench of hypocrisy in the nephews post is toxic

  24. Ciaran - in the absence of any cited reference, any obvious academic paper, any data that I could find from Amnesty, Liberty, the UN or even the Guardian, let alone even any conspiracy website that points the finger at the UK police as killing more people than anyone else then I am heading towards dismissing the claim as nonsense - or possibly a typical twisting and misquoting of figures perhaps in relation to deaths in prison.

    I would have thought even an undergraduate student would understand that they undermine any credibility they might have had if they are unable to quote "something" to back up a claim.

    I look forward to an obvious link being posted and stand by with a portion of humble pie ;)

  25. Tango, I am a postgraduate by research and was accepted to do a Ph.D at Cambridge. Alas no rich Mummy or Daddy. My self worth does not hinge on getting stats you would ignore anyway;)

  26. I hope your research consisted of argument with a little more intellectual rigour than "Because I say so".
    I am glad your self worth is intact because your credibility is crumbling.

  27. Anonymous 1419 - Your comments have been removed. I am happy to allow any opinions on this blog no matter how stupid they may seem or how vehemently I may disagree with them. I think it is important that people are allowed to express their opinion.
    I will not allow racist or homophobic comments, which almost certainly amount to an offence. There should be no place for such views.

    Ciaran - veteran of Brixton, post graduate and would be doctorate of Cambridge. I am afraid you fall under one of the above categories of commentors. Typical left wing agitator. If the facts don't meet your agenda just make it up and throw some allegations around. Other leftie idiots will soak it up if nobody else does. And do left wing, anti racists really use the term 'whitey?'

  28. Ciaran - I am impressed at your ability to divine IP addresses from anonymous posts on someone else's blog :-)
    More importantly can you provide any evidenceto back up the "FACTS" of which you speak?

    Anything at all would be good and at least give your status as an academic or even a "prize winning Blogger" some credibility.

  29. Thank you, lex.

    I was thinking of you the other day...whilst treating your chum Brontosaurus, for a very nasty case of infectious bigotry. You may have caught a dose yourself.

  30. 1 2 3 Melvin wake up now you are back in the room.Your fantasy world where everyone can understand what you write does not exist.

  31. Hi can anyone tell me where I can get tickets for the Smiley Culture concert that was mentioned at his march ? I understand David Bowie and Sade are billed to perform !!! Also any news on the radio station that was set up in his honour ? No ? thought not

  32. FAO - Lex "Luthor" Ferenda

    "And you're dying for a pee
    So you go behind a tree
    And a Star Wars Police vehicle pulls up -
    I say: 'get me a taxi!'
    Touch sensitive...touch!
    HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!"

    (lyrics by Mark E. Smith)

    Terrible blog, this. Lex Ferenda? WHAAA! Armchair revolutionaries, you say? Safest place for a revolutionary these days... That must explain why the hacktivist group ANONYMOUS embarrass your lot with routine ease without ever having to leave whatever room they're in.

    Do you feel like a big man whenever you arrest a non-violent drug user? My guess is YES! So that's the fake "war on drugs" won, then...

    It's not as if Wachovia and City Group were caught red-handed laundering Mexican cartel money, which most banks do and have done for decades. And the US Army grows the most of the smack in Afghanistan...(WINNING!)

    You're right about one thing, though: the jails are full. We'll need a couple more to house all those corrupt MP's and coppers pretty soon, for they are many.

    No doubt Ferenda and cronies will all come together at the next meeting at "the Lodge" or some BNP/EDL rally, just in time to agree with each other.

    Post this if you dare, Ferenda! Come at me! I'm sure you can't ALL be humourless automatons...can you?

  33. Always happy to see posts like the last one anonymous. It gives the general public a flavour of the sort of people the police have to deal with and it is a salutary warning to those thinking of using drugs.

  34. Ciaran - 'I am right you are wrong.'
    Produce the evidence (you can't because it is fanciful) and stop behaving like a five year old.

  35. Melvin - are you suggesting I am an old dinosaur? I am afraid that I probably am but I thought you liked the halcyon days of Dixon of Dock Green when the police called you Sir.
    I haven't had a dose of anything since that holiday to Ibiza in 1978, but good of you to be thinking of my health and welfare.

  36. Lex, you and your brethren seem to want blogges in which we poor deluded fools who pay your wages are quite happy to Die In Custody, Fade Away If Wrongfully Arrested and be treated like (cont p.98).

  37. Another full moon Lex?

    Care in the community just doesn't work,unless these half-wits have internet access whilst strapped in the rubber room.

    Got to go now,i'm beating a prisoner to death at 3pm and then covering it up.Apparently this happens all the time (worst in Europe?).

  38. How did we go in less than half a century from Dixon of Dock Green to Delroy Smellie and Simon Harwood? You used to be respected, that is long gone. How and why? When did you lose the middle class and respectable working class?

  39. Delroy Smellie-not guilty after a trial (where the alleged victim didn't even attend).Simon Harwood still on bail as yet not found guilty.
    Dixon of Dock Green was a fictional character.I know you probably get reality and fiction mixed up in your mad mad world.

    Try harder Ciaran.We are respected by more people than you imagine.Not by idiots like you obviously but you are not out target audience.

  40. Ciaran - (cont P.98). ?????? Cut and paste? Have you been plagiarizing again? We might be forgiven for thinking you don't have an original thought in your head.

    At least you have confirmed that you don't have any facts or evidence to support your fanciful allegations that more people die in custody in Britain than elsewhere in Europe.

    As Jaded says, Dixon of Dock Green was an imaginary character. What amuses me, when people hark back to the 'good old days' of the 60's, is this. The police did clip yobs round the ear. Violent abusive drunks were given a good hiding rather than taken into custody. The list goes on. Can you imagine the howls of protest from the lefties and liberals if there was any serious suggestion of going back to this?

    I can tell you how we have gone from the fanciful Dixon of Dock Green days to the present. We have all been victims of a liberal experiment. The worst aspect of which is that we treat children like adults/friends rather than children. The result of this is that we now have two generations of petulent brats. Children in adults bodies. These brats have no respect for anyone, nurses, doctors, teachers, society in general. Brats have particular hatred of the police because when they ignore instructions from us, we are the first, and only, form of authority that can use physical force to support our instructions.

    Brats don't like being told to behave in a civilised way.

  41. Melvin, sorry, petulant before you say it.

  42. A quality response for which no apology is necessary, lex.


    All entirely innocent are they? Care to explain this then?

  44. Ps killing less people than Tin Pot dictatorships is no achievement.

  45. Is that the sound of desperate scrabbling in an attempt to gain the moral high ground as any rational argument collapses into its swampy foundations?

    I would have said killing less people than tin pot dictatorships is an achievement. Unless you would rather we killed more?

  46. Anonymous - This was 13 years ago and did you miss the bit where it says that a jury of your peers, having heard all the evidence in detail, acquitted the police officers of all charges. The biased ravings of the Guardian are designed to insense left wing bigots and confirm their preconceptions that all authority is corrupt.

    We really don't kill people, we do our best to prevent it. They do it all themselves, either by way of suicide or as a result of a cocktail of drink and drugs.

    I wasn't aware that Europe was full of tim pot dictatorships. Is that what they are saying in the Guardian too?

  47. ' 'said'...incense...tin-pot...'.

    Fairly good. 7/10.

  48. Guardian biased, Indy biased, Mail biased. Funny how we are all so wrong and you are all so right. As I said before just admit guilt, the lack of remorse is a main reason you are despised by both brain dead chavs and Mr & Mrs Decent-Ffolks.

  49. Ciaran, I'm quite surprised that you are still posting given the utterly false "facts" you have been unable to provenance.

    If I was an arrogant pompous sort I would call you mendacious. ;-)


  50. Ciaran - we are despised by mindless brats, as you well know. That is a good thing, not bad.
    Decent people in this country still have admiration for the police but are very frustrated with the rest of the ineffectual justice system.

  51. Despite mr Emmanuel's claim that nobody has been found guilty connected to Smiley and his claims today that the trial of Smiley daughter has been halted due to the crowns failure to produce its main witness ,don't believe the last minute heart string tugging sentiments ,Smiley paid for the flights ,the hotels and ultimately the drugs. His daughter is in it up to the tip of her "one love " earrings ! Smiley preyed on the vunerable in his own community and lived off of their weakness ,much the same as his son Young Don and "nephew " Merlin. We have a name for familys like Smiley's in the black community " bad breed "


  52. Hello again, Lex.

    I'm the guy who left the Mark E. Smith lyrics for you. Glad you enjoyed them.

    So, I'm a drug user am I? Rather than dispute the facts (which you can't - US troops grow the opium [as seen on television] and Citi Group and Wachovia were both fined for money laundering - look it up dumb-dumb, it's all on record - just like the CIA planes found with tonnes of cocaine on board) you label me. How brave and clever of you to do that. Maybe some sort of commendation is in order? (A large custard pie to the face seems appropriate) Yours is a flawed, offensive and transparent form of propaganda of course, but I'd expect nothing less from a hypnotised burn-out like you. Whatever I'm supposed to be "on" is clearly not as strong as the stuff you must be taking.

    'Everyone who disagrees with me is a drug user!' Does that statement sum you up? I thought you were a "thinking policemen." I guess that the older one gets the smaller and slower one's mind becomes. I suppose you and your militarised clique of right-wing hate-mongers are too busy celebrating over the graves of the deceased to realise how you diminish yourselves and your profession. Here's a taste for you:

    US troops guarding the Afghan opium fields:

    Banks knowingly laundering drug money:

    There are many more examples, like this for instance:

    Listen, read - and then COME AT ME, Ferenda! These issues are far more important than my antipathy towards the police and the egoism of an aspersion-casting right-wing zealot like you.

  53. Call me gullible but I hang on to your every word concerning those vile creatures who disagree with....and say terrible things about lovely police, lex.

    Give me time to adjust to some of your new ideas for blacks, like smothering and forearm tattooing. They are, well, so Teutonic.

  54. On reading all your comments it galls me that the point of the campaigns against deaths in custody has once again been pushed aside in favour of character slating & a seemingly all round disdain for the Emanuel family. As an ordinary, law abiding member of the public I have a problem with anyone dying in police custody,whatever crime they are accused of committing,we have no death penalty in this country & if there were it would not be carried out by a group of small minded men in bovver boots.
    There are those who continue to try & undermine members of the Emanuel family in order to remedy a personal slight - in that case you know very little of the sacrifices made by Merlin both personally & financially.

  55. I will sort of stand up for Lex here. If you want a bad police blog try "Shujiro". Now to business. I noticed just as I was about to type this "woolly liberals" Oh dear. So racism, fascism and torture are good then? Finally the "brats" comment. "Oderint dum metuant". Not any more. The thing plod fears is that we will, eventually, get even. All those false arrests, all those beatings all those coersed confessions. Will be paid for.

  56. BB - I have nothing to say about 'Young Don' or Merlin. Personally I have no information to suggest they are anything but decent people. His daughter will hopefully stand trial and be judged by a jury.
    If you read my original post, I made it clear that I take no pleasure in Smiley Culture's death. I would rather he had lived to stand trial.
    My main issue regarding all of this is that significant and vocal sections of the black community support gangsters and criminals in the community. I understand that a significant section do not. More and more young black people are going to end up dead or in prison unless the whole community ostracises these criminals and makes it clear that education, obeying the law and decent behaviour is required to be a member of the community.

    Anonymous 0524 - yes I understand the bigger picture and that there is corruption in capitalism, hypocracy etc. But that isn't what we are talking about here.

    MTG - OK. You're gullible. Who has suggested smothering etc. Personally I want young black people to get a good education, good jobs and to become decent law abiding members of the community rather than getting involved in drugs and gangs and killing each other. I can't see anything wrong with that view.

    LEB - I don't agree with all the comments either but I think it is useful to see what is out there and what we have to deal with.
    No one wants to see deaths in police custody and I wish I could convince some people that we do all we can to avoid it. I am sure that with more understanding we may be able to do a bit more and that is welcome.
    The point of these posts was not deaths in custody. It was trying to make the point above at MTG. When Smiley died sections of the community were shouting murder and insisting that Smiley was totally innocent. Huge sections of the community knew what was really going on. Defending criminals in the community rather than driving them out will never lead to a healthy community.

    Ciaran - Oh dear, more fanciful allegations without a shred of evidence. Where have I said or suggested that racism, facism or torture are good? All those false arrests, beatings and coerced confessions? You really do live in a fantasy world, don't you?

  57. You mentioned Lybia and some other places hence the tin pot dictatorships.

    So the police were helping that man when they stood around laughing as he choked and then made monkey noises over his dead body were they?

    You're right it was a while ago but you said every death wasn't your fault and every does include 13 years ago.

    You know damn well how rubbish juries and courts can be where the guilty are concerned. Double jeopardy was ditched for a reason.

    And no you don't have the respect of all decent people you've cost yourselves more than you think recently. The Met killing innocent people is becoming quite common, and it hasn't stopped. People aren't going to be willing to justify these deaths forever. Lots already don't.

  58. "The Met killing innocent people is becoming quite common".Ha ha.

    Looking forward to topping a few tomorrow when i'm back at work.

  59. @ Ciaran

    'If you want a bad police blog try "Shujiro".'

    Let us not blame real police for the above. Here is a chap who practised playing policeman under the name 'Bender' and 'Bender the Robot' 18 months prior to commencing his blog.

    Misspellings which plod of maximum density simply couldn't perform accidentally...such as Sargent, Inspecter, and ofense...were consistently good clues.

  60. Jaded the Met kill innocent people Tomlinson style roughly every 2 years. That's major black and white cases that get max press attention. If I were pro police now I would have to justify them doing it at least 30 more times. Possibly more. Decent people aren't going to put up with that. I have my current cynical view because I got sick of seeing the police killing innocent people and then lying about it.

  61. I stand by my initial point-every two years is not "quite often".

    How many interactions a day do you think we have with mentally ill/drunk/violent/suicidal people?One "death" every two years is a bloody miracle....

    Probably best not to post at 0218am when you are either drunk or your medication is fading.

  62. Every death in police custody is a tragedy.

    But get some perspective.
    Even if the police are - as you accuse us of - "killing" people in custody;
    In 2010 there were 17 deaths in custody.
    In 2010 1.3 million people were arrested for notifiable arrests. (This is an underestimate of the number of people through the door as they are arrested for a number of non-notifiable offences and reasons as well).
    Your chance of dying in custody is 0.000013 %
    That is hardly "common".

    As a comparison - in 2010 - 1850 people died from road traffic accidents. There were 62,262,000 people in the UK in 2010.
    Your chance of dying in normal everyday life in an RTA was 0.000029%

    Perhaps there should be a more vociferous campaign against the motor car.


    PS For Ciaran - these are what I like to call "FACTS" - all available from statistical publications that I can reference if you want. ;-)

  63. 1 in 1000 deaths in the UK occur in police custody. Oh and WHY were plod outside Tesco IN NUMBERS when wheelchair users had a peaceful demo? You BRAVE hard cases!

  64. Ciaran,
    What are you wittering on about?
    There were 493,242 deaths registered in England and Wales in 2010.

    There were 17 deaths in police custody in 2010. Even with my maths that is not 1 in 1000.

    I imagine you are not going to reference that "fact" either.


  65. 1 in a 1000 people die in police custody? You are a hilarious half-wit.Even fellow stirrer MTG seems to have abandoned you as well after your rants and getting more and more ridiculous.

    I know I shouldn't really ask what Tesco's do you mean?.There are quite a few branches.Which is the one nearest your mental home?

  66. You don't get it! The majority of the black community do not 'worship' drug dealers, as you suggested mr officer. What we object to us being lied to! I don't believe for a 2nd if Smiley or Mark Duggan had been arrested you would've seen the anger that's come about. We have a court, judge and jury and whilst they sometimes convict the innocent there would have been no campaigns of justice necessary. I've checked your previous post and don't see any post stating 'smiley was innocent'. But if some commits suicide his prints should be on the knife he used. I personally, don't think he was murdered but I don't think he killed himself either. We know the police stick together, after all you're britains biggest gang so I expect nothing less from such a blog.

  67. I'm interested to hear your theory how someone can die stabbed in the chest and it not be either murder or suicide.
    Unless you are going for the "tripped up on an upturned knife"?

    I think the outcry from the black community about a perceived murder does them a great disservice when it is compared to the silence from them about any black criminality.

    It's even worse when prominent members of the black community like Diane Abbott proclaim that it is better for the community to stick together as any attempt to criticise a group within the community can be ignored as a white persons attempt to divide and conquer.

  68. Listening to ELO "Evil woman" and reading WPC Jade D. How apt! Anon 21.08 is Haslam, who posts race hate on line and was reported to Norfolk police. Queer that nothing happened eh? Clean your own toilets before trying to troll the left, constables. We might have a scintilla of respect for plod if you nicked the odd (very odd in Haslam's case) ex colleague;)

  69. Funnily enough I was just listening to "basket case" by Green Day whilst reading your post Ciaran.

    WPC Jade D-very clever-I can see what you did there.But please don't copy your fellow nutter Melvin and assume I am female because I can assure you that i'm not.Perhaps you need some female company to bring you back into the real world or is your only friend a laptop?

    How many people died in police custody today?

  70. I'm in plain clothes, I wear high heels, suspenders and a bra...
    I wish I'd been a girlie,
    just like my dear Papa.

    Jade's in CID and s/he's okay....s/he sleeps all night and works all day.

  71. Tomlinson was not an accidental confused custody death it was an assult in broad daylight that led to his death. Try using the defence we only get caught murdering every 2 years and see how far it goes. Decent people will not tolerate having to justify somebody being killed Abd the police closing ranks to cover it. You can blame people spinning and exaggerating all you like but remember we need something to 'exaggerate' first.

    Btw Jaded you do know that the second you start throwing abuse at the other side they win? It's a bit like Godwins law.

  72. Dr Melvin (banned from most police blogs) Gray20 February, 2012 07:51

    Anon 0:53 - The Jaded Profile

    However much she may protest to the contrary, Jaded is almost certainly female and dishonest. She had an unhappy childhood but enjoys making trouble. She probably played key roles inciting others to physically harm or 'fit-up' prisoners; subsequently lying to protect and ingratiate herself.

    There is a reasonable possibility she has experienced mental health issues. She held and lost many jobs before entering the police service. Some consistency can be expected amongst the reasons for dismissal.

  73. Give my regards to Preston WPC Jade D. I did security for "Pride" before they started giving awards to the PSNI/RUC/B Specials so Keep Chasing That Rainbow hun;)

  74. Ciaran (and Melvin or his trolling impersonator)
    Your misogynist viewpoints don't really do you any favours. I didn't realise that trying to denigrate someone by calling them a woman was something that was still carried out amongst adults - even during what passes for intellectual argument amongst the lefties.

    Still at least Ciaran will be able to give us a "scintilla of respect" now as even the most basic google will show that we most certainly are prepared to lock up colleagues who break the law - particular where abuse of children is concerned.

    Still I am coming to realise that for Ciaran to base his views and arguments on actual facts might mean that he actually had to engage his brain rather than just bleating nonsense.


  75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  76. "the second you throw abuse at the other side they win"
    Completely correct.
    Read through this post for the abuse throwing.

    Melvin I assume by your wide of the mark assessment of me that you are not a DR of profiling or psychology?

  77. Jade D It is "I presume, you assume" in English, mate, if that is your target language. All together now, for a medley of Judy Garland...

  78. Ciaran I PRESUME you are a complete fool.
    See you outside Tesco's later-give me a clue which one.

  79. Lisburn Rd, Belfast. Sorted for Es and whizz.

  80. My Dear Ciaran,

    Addressing the low life directly will place it on an equal footing.

  81. Hello friends! I’m the guy who left the Mark E. Smith lyrics earlier and mentioned that the Banks launder drug money, which was met with a veritable hurricane of apathy. I was then forced to make a comeback due to some rather nasty aspersion-casting by this blog’s pseudo-intellectual author (more on pseudo-intellectualism later!) that I am certain is highly indicative of his many flaws as a human being (more on aspersion-casting later!).

    Anyway – Ferenda: where’s my apology? I don’t mean to be picky about it, but let’s face it, you referred to my understated initial razzmatazz-style razzmatazz razzing, saying:

    “It gives the general public a flavour of the sort of people the police have to deal with and it is a salutary warning to those thinking of using drugs.”

    I don’t get it. Are you asking me to take you apart on general principle, or are you begging me? You have no idea who I am, Lex: you have no idea at all. Allow me to introduce myself: I’m the guy who won every argument he ever had (obviously untrue, I’m saying this for a gratuitous effect – enjoy!). So, now that we’re acquainted, let’s be clear: I’m not a drug user nor have I ever been “collared by the Dibble.” I don’t need to ‘admit’ this and it isn’t relevant anyway, but there it is. As one can easily affect a persona in order to pose as dishonestly as one has the skill to get away with when chastising the daft on the internet, one can also assume that certain affectations can and will be utilised for comedic and entertainment purposes in the hope that it may keep the casual reader interested enough to read on. Also, and you’re going to hate this, I knew that you’d react predictably – casting aspersions like an amateur propagandist and never attempting to interlock with the facts or the greater point of my argument. It’s axiomatic: if the banks launder the drug profits then the guys who get arrested and the shipments that are seized are only tokens for the vassals of the system to believe in; they get caught because they don’t launder through the banks, hence the huge amount of laundering concomitant to the flourishing illegal drug trade. The competition ends up in jail and the justice myth continues while the banks are fined a fraction of their laundering profits while no one goes to jail. Governments don’t even disincentivise it.

    You know what I want to think, Lex? The most charitable part of me wants to think well of you, that you’re just a burned-out old man who doesn’t know what he’s talking about but still has the confidence born of wrong-minded fixity to say it all anyway. The truth is that you’re worse than that. Like an analogue of police policy you propagandise and apologise for nothing. What else can you do when all rebuttal attempts flop back on the rebound as the witless zeros that those conceited deployable arguments truly are? The answer: stick to the same line and continue to embarrass yourself. Excellent, excellent stuff, Ferenda. Ya no Ferenda mine. Defend the accusation that this blog is no more than a chasm of ignorance and despair!

    What say you, Lex?

    I’ve been Shanky and I am indeed extremely charismatic…enormous love to the black community. Sorry about all the idiots…

  82. Christ, what a lot of self-aggrandising drivel.

    Ignoring the stuff about how great, clever and superior you are, it often surprises me how easily some critics of the "war on drugs" can argue in a high minded way about the banks/CIA/governments are funding/driving/running the drugs trade (delete according to your particular conspiracy theory) whilst ignoring the reality of drugs on the street.

    I don't lock smack heads up for being addicted to drugs - I lock them up for burglary, robbery and other acquisitve crime. If I can lift them for possession I will do that as well. They always have a list of pre-cons that involve a large amount of other crime.
    My primary reason for locking up drug dealers is the effect they have of drawing users to an area - driving up levels of acquisitive crime - as well as the inter and intra gang rivalry that results in serious assaults, robberies, aggravated burgs etc..
    If I can send them down for drug dealing then so much the better for the people in their neighbourhood.

    With respect you can argue about principles, government, bank and CIA conspiracies all you want. The reality of policing the sreets of Great Britain is dealing with unpleasant violent criminals who deal drugs to users who through their addiction become unpleasant and on occasion violent criminals.

    Still - you keep arguing on the internet - you might have a point. I prefer to deal with the reality of the situation now. People dealing or importing drugs are not doing it becuase they are pawns of some huge conspiracy or to make some political point about drugs legalisation. They are doing it because they see a way of getting rich, they are violent enough to protect their turf and do not care about the end effect of those drugs.


  83. Dr Melvin (banned from most police blogs) Gray23 February, 2012 18:43

    It is all too easy to leave the bigot feeling short-changed and angry. Old lex here, the classic bigot, always expects an opinion to be squandered on him.

    You see, lex sees himself less as an intellectual and more of an 'intelectual'. That simple difference, which sets him apart from all others, is what makes your arfument count for nothing and entitles the Special One to dismiss it out of hand.

    lex may also use his X-powers to scan the image of an 'opinionee' telepathically. Thus he can immediately detect those of us who are drug dealing scumbags with suicidal tendencies.

  84. Oh no, I've been Tang0ed!

    Hello Tang0, Shanky here. Yeah, look, I did leave links to just a few of the many articles that confirm the base points of everything I've said in my second post. (Sigh) See below.

    US troops guarding the Afghan opium fields:

    Banks knowingly laundering drug money:

    CIA complicity:

    Maybe you ought to deal with the facts instead of attempting to vomit your ignorance all over me. You could give that a try. Oh, and I never said anything about being great, clever and superior: I am of course, but I'm also able enough to demonstrate that fact in a humorous and entertaining way, rather than ever needing to state it overtly. Also, I can't help but notice how "Tang0" sounds an awful lot like Lex Ferenda...

    In closing, it's funny how you consider the street effects of drug use yet ignore the economic need for liquidity (money laundering and fraud in order to fraudulently lend), where the product comes from, the political situation in those countries and how it actually gets into our country the first place. You may have noticed that the former cabinet minister Chris Huhne is facing some rather serious “conspiracy” charges. That’s the “theory”, anyway…

    Come on Lex, WHERE’S MY APOLOGY!? You can mix it in with your next disgraceful article about what a great man Ali Dizaei is.


  85. Hi Shanky,
    I'm not sure this is exactly the right forum to debate conspiracy theories about governmental control of drug trafficking.

    Suffice it to say that linking to a brief video about one view of the somewhat confused US foreign policy in Afghanistan, a report on banks being prosecuted and actively investigated for money laundering and finally some allegations about CIA involvement in drug dealing in the mid seventies - does not present the strongest evidence for any ongoing regulated and organised Government/CIA conspiracy.

    In any case - my point is that it is entirely pointless to argue about some huge illuminati style conspiracy to supply drugs (whether it exists as you believe or not) when you are living in a neighbourhood where you risk having your house burnt out if you talk to the police, you live in fear of the drug users that frequesnt the area and the drug dealers provide their own summary justice to anyone that crosses them.

    I appreciate there may be a "higher" discussion about the financing of commerical production and distribution of drugs.
    In my experience of drug dealers the reality is that the money comes from extortion, and violent crime and is then used to get into drug supply.
    The profits of that supply may well be laundered - I am not convinced that the laundering drives the supply - it's just the smart criminal's way of disposing of the profits - and the vast majority don't need to find and then use a bent bank to do that.

    As to Huhne - I am not sure what the relevance of his charge is. I don't know if he has been charged with conspiracy or just a straight offence of pervert.

    "I'm also able enough to demonstrate that fact in a humorous and entertaining way,"

    Ha ha. (hollow laughter by the way).
    Don't you find it a bit puerile saying "I'm dead funny, me"?

    Tang0 (not Lex;-)

  86. Ho hum my lengthy reply went straight into spam heaven.
    Maybe I should spend less time having arfuments (sic) on the computer :-)





  90. Maybe if you turned your caps lock off and clarified exactly what you think has been said that is inciting racial hatred and what exactly are the false allegations then you might have a point worth listening to.

    Until then I guess we'll just have to see how well placed is your faith that Anonymous can remotely identify and then resolve IP addresses.


  91. @ anonymous 18th February 2153 - you asked why Smileys fingerprints were not on the knife if he committed suicide. I don't know if his prints were on the knife or not. Real life is not like television. Fingerprints are not automatically left on objects if you touch them. If this was a wooden handled knife it is highly unlikely that prints would be left.

    If the police killed Smiley do you not think that after the event they would have put his hand on the knife to ensure prints were left on the handle or blade.
    If there are no prints it tends to support the police account of the facts.

    Shanky - you are charismatic? Is there a planet of that name?
    'Enormous love to the black community.' Don't we deserve some love too?

  92. Cairan , you are a racist and probably an agent of the state. You are one of those deluded people nobodies ever heard of who love trying to insert yourself parasitically into black struggles with a view to poisoning them with your divisive and destructive agenda. Your a sad little racist . As for me I'm no liberal black I stand for my community and challenge all forms of racism . Progressive whites understand that and support . The fact is that all of the racism I have been pointing out over the last 4 years has now been partially revealed. I was challenged accused of being " race focused " then and yet have subsequently been proved right. In fighting racism no condensations can me made particularly to a liberal white agenda a constituency that will abandon the fight against racism when the going gets tough. That's why it's important for the victims of racism to set the agenda for change.

  93. Didn't realise that there's a death penilty for importing drugs into the uk!
    If he was guilty or not 'those without sin cast the first stone'

    Biggest crock of crap I've ever heard. Police always handcuff you when the arrest you to protect them selves!
    There no way he killed himself...

    The police are probably more upset 'they' never confiscated the drugs to line our own governments pockets in our world of consipracy & propogander...


  94. I'm no fan and chances are, he was involved in drug dealing.
    But, suspect under arrest is 'allowed to go in to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea, then stabs himself in the heart'. NOBODY really believes that is true and most accept that this is yet another police cover-up of 'murder in police custody'(It's a shockingly bad cover-up)
    As police brutality affects the wider community, those with louder voices, there is going to be a back-lash

  95. 'yet another cover up of police murder in custody'
    Can you give us one example a police murder in custody in this country?
    Most sensible commentators have accepted he killed himself. There is no backlash.
    Spend your energy trying to encourage people to get an education and a job instead of wasting their lives.

  96. Regardless of whether this man was guilty of a crime or not - This blog is an indication of where the system is failing - policemen see themselves as in a position to judge whether someone is guilty or not, BEFORE they are brought to trial.

    Smiley Culture never had a trial, you are speaking ill of the dead without knowing the full circumstances. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  97. The system is failing because there is no deterrent or punishment for crime in this country any more.
    Smiley Culture died and so there was never going to be any trial to decide his guilt or not and so we can only judge it ourselves in this case.
    His co accused stood trial and were convicted and so it is fair to say he was guilty too. Speaking the truth of the dead isn't always speaking ill of them. He was a drug dealing crook and the 'community' romanticising about him speaks volumes about what a sick 'community' it is.