Friday, 27 January 2012


Tony Melville

Following on from my last post, the Chief Constable of Gloucester, Tony Melville, has put his head over the parapet and publicly stated that the force are on a cliff edge regarding cuts to the budget. This is highly unusual for a Chief Constable and would normally be the end of a career.

Policing Minister, Nick Herbert, has come out with the usual rhetoric that cuts can be made without affecting front line services. Rubbish, Mr Herbert! Just count the number of police officers. 6000 less now than six months ago and still falling.

At first, this may seem a brave move by the Chief Constable and then you notice that he has 34 years service. Gloucester will be electing a new Police Commissioner in November (could be Katie Price or John Prescott, God help us!) and with it they will be getting a new Chief Constable. So this is just a parting shot from Mr Melville. I suppose it may cost him his QPM or other award.

Here is a letter dated May 2011 signed by 53 Chief Officers, including Mr Melville, telling the Police Federation that their concerns over cuts to the policing budget were legitimate but suggesting that the focus should be on the service to the communities we serve.

Let's see if some other senior officers, whose careers are on the line, step up and join, the retiring, Mr Melville. That will deserve some respect.


  1. 'The Great High Priest Cameron has numbered the days of Gloucestershire constabulary and brought it to an end; he weighed it on the scales to find it wanting and banished it to the land of Ballot where it will wander on the wind.'

  2. It's a shame some other CC's with LESS than 34 years service don't have the guts to state the bleeding obvious.

  3. What's this career on the line bullshit?
    1) There isn't really anything higher than Chief constable is there? It isn't as if they're going to take away his pension or anything and since when has it been illegal to make public speeches?
    2) Failing to speak up when the public service you are in charge of is being damage is dereliction of duty.
    3) The feedback system between the public and politicians and those actually running the services is clearly broken.

  4. Guthrie - you won't hear Chief Officer's speaking out or telling it how it is for a number of reasons.
    Chief officers are on contracts, usually between 3 and 7 years. They still have ambitions to move on to bigger forces. (All appointments to the rank of Chief Constable are approved, or not, by the Home Office) They want their contracts renewed. They want jobs when they do retire with HMIC, NPIA etc. They want knighthoods etc.
    If they speak out against Government cuts, for example, none of the above will happen for them.
    I am afraid that despite having very generous pensions to fall back on, very few Chief Constables will put their head over the parapet and risk losing future emoluments

  5. The 144,000 donut enhanced plod that the UK have are useless and overpaid. Why should we have more? Catch criminals instead of placard waving "lefties".

  6. A soupçon blunt but fair.

  7. Nutters hunting in pairs here as well.

  8. Ok, so you really are fucked unless the fed pulls a rabbit out of a hat or some other such miracle.

    It also confirms that policing is heavily politicised, which was rather the impression I had, but that it is much worse now than it used to be.

  9. Her relentless dedication to name calling and vulgarity compensates for a lack of finesse.

    Jaded inflicts herself upon the reputation of UK police with an energy I can only applaud.

  10. Keep applauding Melvin.
    You have found a friend in someone even madder than you.

  11. WPC Jade D the only nutter here is you (I speak as a former qualified psychiatri nurse who saw more than his fair share of folks kicked unconscious by you). As I said on my blogge you may comment but not on the good one. "After Watt". All the plodscum goes to "Olivia Reynolds". If you cannot keep up sit at the kiddies table. Enjoy the rugby match dear!

    1. Former psychiatric nurse that a joke! The retard only completed 7months of the course in 2007 and was asked to leave when it was discovered he had a criminal record and had been arrested for rape in 2004 in Hertfordshire.

  12. Half-wit,i've never kicked anyone unconscious.If you can prove I have then crack on,if not go back in your rubber room with the rest of the insane.

  13. Lets ask WPC Deborah J Savage and PC Baker along with Sgt Kevin Edney about half blinding prisoners who are handcuffed and on the floor.

  14. Dear Half-wit,you said "kicked unconscious by you",and then you quoted 3 people that aren't me.Oh I get it, you meant YOU as in the police.As if we are not thousands of individuals,we are just one mass organisation.
    You then give the names of three officers,none of them being me.

    So try harder.Find an occasion where I, PC Jaded has kicked someone unconscious.
    You can't because you are an idiot.

  15. I can see you are making a situation where some assistance is required, Jaded.

    May I hold your jacket?

  16. Come and meet me by the radiator 10am tomorrow.It's nice and warm here so I won't be wearing a jacket.

    I'll be the one eating doughnuts,kicking people to death (apparently) and counting my gold-plated pension!

  17. Ciaran Rehill - so you are a former psychiatric nurse. I presume that was until the job got too much for you and you got sectioned.

    You post a photo of Christopher J Ferguson, the astronaut, who is your namesake. A shame you cannot live up to his achievements. A tumbleweed blog full of the ramblings of a madman is little to shout about or advertise.

    You suggest the police should be out arresting criminals instead of banner waving lefties. I arrest criminals almost every day. Once or twice a year I have to supervise a march by banner waving lefties. If they just shout and wave their banners around I don't arrest them. If they start causing damage, threatening me or try to hit me with their banners then, if I need to, I wack them with a baton and arrest them, if possible. I would really rather not. I would rather be out catching other criminals.

    I haven't kicked anyone unconscious. I have never had to hit anyone on the head in 25 years. I can count on one hand the number of people I have had to strike to get them under control to effect an arrest. Have you missed the update regarding the officers you have mentioned, that those involved were exonerated after investigation. Their actions were found to have been justified. This, of course, will not interest you as justice for criminals seems to be more important than justice for those with the difficult task of upholding the law. In the sick minds of people like yourself, would be 'Wolfie Smiths' are innocent until proven guilty and some are innocent despite being proven guilty. The police however are guilty until proven innocent and still guilty when proven so.

  18. After a hard morning's reflection on the radiator, few things can surpass the purifying treat of a midday catharsis.

    Feeling better, Tnago?

  19. Ciaran Rehill a former Psychiatric Nurse? I think not he spent less than nine months at Hertfordshire Uni of a three year nursing course, having been thrown out following a rather nasty allegation which he talks about in third party terms and criticises the Dean. Avoid this nutter at all costs, as his idle and feckless lifestyle on benefits as turned him into an Internet Troll and as Lee Jasper correctly describes him, "Lower than Whale Shit"

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