Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cuts To Police Budgets Will Not Affect Front Line Policing - Yeah Right

Nick Herbert

    'falling police numbers will not necessarily lead to a worse front line service.'

The Telegraph has reported that troops are being trained in riot control in anticipation of further disturbances on the streets of this country during the summer.

There doesn't appear to be any formal response from the Government yet. Defence and military commentators have suggested that this is a sensible contingency for the Olympics and lessons learned from the riots last August. I am sure that is part of the reason. The other part is that following the cuts to police budgets there are 6000 less police officers than last August and numbers are likely to drop further.

If it all goes pear shaped this summer there may not be the police officer numbers to deal with it.

Watch the 'swampie' brigade and Saint Shami howling with protest if they see squaddies wielding batons on the streets. They will be demanding those nice police officers back.


  1. I remember in the past working on Patrol...when I'd be on duty by myself, and in the office they'd have the chief, 2 captains, 2 sergeants, a few detectives, and other's not doing much...
    The biggest problem they had: what to do for lunch,,,while the loan patrolmen was working his ass off.

    As far as training the troops to control riots, I had a thought from this side of the pond: Bring in Irish troops and let them patrol London and big cities. How do you think that'd go over with the public?

  2. You are not front line. All the whining about not getting the 2002 Jubilee Medal won't make up for the fact that you are corrupt, cowardly, mendacious murdering racist scum.

  3. Ciaran - I didn't complain about it. I got the 2002 Jubille medal. They are giving me another one this year. I also got the Long Service and Good Conduct medal. Three medals for turning up at work and not getting caught.
    As for the rest of your rant I won't bother responding. I see from your photo you are not on the same planet as everyone else.

  4. Lex I have no problem with plod awarding themselves a million police medals but mucho squaddies thought it risible that you literally threw Teddy out of the pram over the 02 medal. I know guys with 4 yrs 11 mths in who did not get it. Oh and the photo is a clue to my real name.

  5. Wow, If I get comments like the guy in the space suit on my blog, I don't post them. (there is no freedom of speech there).

  6. CI-Roller Dude - I have a few regular trolls on this blog and the occasional one pops up now and again.
    I take the view that their comments should be published so that the public can get a taste of just some of the people that we have to deal with in our profession.
    Bless them.

  7. @ CI-Roller Dude

    '(there is no freedom of speech there).'

    It would not be an impossible task to edit your desolate site into a handful of intelligible phrases.

    As to the prospect of attracting trolls, the odds are less favourable. About the same as a sell-out for a pork scratching stand parked on synagogue steps during Yom Kippur.

  8. I had to deal with enough retards in 32 years of police work, now I just hit the "DEL" button.

  9. Ciaran Rehill pretending he is Christopher Ferguson whatever next? Still it makes a change from pretending he is Derek G Haslam, the guy that kicked his fat ass.