Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thanks for Your Support

His Honour Justice Bean - Cretin

Other bloggers have covered this story but I am going to repeat it here as it is yet another symptom of where our society is going wrong. A yob is searched in the street. He uses foul language to the police officers searching him in front of a group of young people. He was charged and convicted by Thames Magistrates of disorderly conduct and fined £50.

The defendant Denzil Cassius Harvey appealed the decision to the High Court where His Honour Justice Bean decided that the police are used to foul language and therefore not offended by it and he was sure the youths nearby thought it all very amusing. He quashed the conviction. The message delivered to yobs of all descriptions on the street is appalling. Once again our justice system holds no consequences for poor behaviour. Ignorant morons who lack the education and upbringing to express themselves properly will simply be encouraged by this cretinous decision to treat the police with complete contempt. Thank you for your support Mr Bean.

 Denzil Cassius Harvey - It's all about respect, innit

Our justice system is not alone in making these crass decisions. A similar decision was made in the Courts in a case in Australia. And this is the level of support you can expect from some of our Magistracy and pompous arses that write and read that blog.

The public and judiciary need to wake up to the fact that the ONLY part of the justice system that is currently preventing more of the riots that occurred in August is the police. Deterrent sentences and effective rehabilitation are almost completely absent in out justice system.

The Government are currently shafting us from behind regarding pay and pensions and now the judiciary are shafting us and consigning us to a job where you are being constantly abused with impunity all day. The risk is that one day the police will stop giving a damn too and watch the anarchy that then follows. Sign the petition here.


  1. What in the (**&^^^& makes this &^^%%&( think that we're used to *^%$## kind of &&&^$##@ language? What kind of ^^%$# is he?
    Amazing that some *&&%$ that stupid could be come a &&^^%$# judge. Is he from California?

  2. If the law is not upheld, it becomes useless and our land falls into more disorder and comments like this judge has made makes our laws useless and our country worse. These judges are like farmers going around a field of young rams with castrating irons, but farmer castrate the rams and fools like this are castrating our country with each stupid comment and ruling. I'd lock up every yob who came and swore at me after one warning, and any ignorant bullying oik or lout who uttered one more swear word, they would have their collar felt. Not enforcing British laws is ruining British justice and Britain.
    Time and circumstance has moved on since I retired as have the use of wooden truncheons that used to level a yob with one blow to the arm or leg. Ah, I long for those days when I saw a knife toting thug going around the town have his arm broken with one hit of an ebony truncheon to the forearm. It was a delight to witness his forearm take on another elbow with that hit and how the public cheered when he was subdued into a crying heap.

  3. Unlike the police service, the High Court is a reliably consistent Institution for the delivery of sound decisions.

    What you are unable to accept, precipitates a tirade of anonymous, cowardly besmirchment. Only the obstacle of pure bigotry stands in the way of your understanding and acceptance of applied reasoning.

  4. Unlike the police service, the High Court is a reliably consistent Institution for the delivery of sound decisions--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Yeah sure, the High Court comes up with lots of reliable sound decisions. With each, ludicrous decision made the Judges in the High Court it and they become even more derided by the people of the country who see the Courts views of the UK more in the realms of fantasy than justice or law. If you cannot see that, then you have a block of reasoning that we mere mortals do not have, who see the Judges and courts becoming increasingly out of touch and devoid of any common sense to what takes place day to day in the lives of ordinary people.
    Reliable consistent Institution of sound decisions, ha-ha, the best laugh on all the blogs for a week or more.

  5. @ Anonymous 1044 - 'The High Courtis a reliably consistent institution for the delivery of sound decisions' - The High Court is notorious for making decisions that were clearly never what was intended by the elected law makers. These decisions invariably are at odds with the view of any sessible member of the public. The result often being that the lawmakers have to pass further legislation to enforce the will of Parliament and the public.

    'Pricipitates a tirade of anonymous cowardly besmirchment.'- from, wait for it, Anonymous! You are a cretin too.

  6. Good English, good spelling, good manners and good sense are never seen together on this blog.

  7. Harvey - do you think his brain will ever grow into his hat?

  8. @ Anonymous 1613 - Well fuck off then! And you won't be offended by that because you must be used to it.

  9. Before this posting I hadn't seen what the complainant looked like.But as an experienced PC I could have guessed;
    Stupid hat at a silly angle? Check
    Trousers round his knees? Check
    Gunshot wound from his gansta' lifestyle? Check
    Mummy sticking up for her scummy son? Check
    No job,no prospects,no good for society? Check check check.
    Congratulations-you've won scumbag bingo.The loser is the public in general.
    PS Melvin if you hate this blog so much why comment on it?

  10. It now transpires that Denzil Harvey is in prison. He was sentenced to 20 months custody in April for a knifepoint robbery. How steriotypical. And there are the police searching him for no good reason. His mother didn't mention he was in prison when telling the press what a good boy he was. Still, sentenced to 20 months in April he will be home with mummy for Christmas.

  11. Would Mr. Bean take the same view if some scrote kicked off at hime with a string of foul language from the dock?

    There'd be good reason for it 'n' all, being as how the occupant of the dock had just been sentenced to a fair stretch in the big house.

    In such circumstances wouldn't Mr. Bean just have to "cop it sweet"?

    Or even better, if it was the mother of the accused, swearing at Mr. Bean from the public gallery. That'd all be part & parcel of being a judge who sends people down, like he'd have to expect a bit o' that 'n' all, wouldn't he?

    Surely in such circumstances Mr. Bean'd be pretty cool & laid back about being called a mother*$%@*ing C@#$ Licking Son of a #@$^*&


  12. A yob is searched in the street.
    Interesting that anyone who is searched by the police must be a yob, even when the police didn't find anything illegal on him. The fact that so few stop-and-searches result in the discovery of contraband implies that police are not clued up on the concept of probable cause. You just search anyone who takes your fancy. If I were stopped under those conditions, I would be outraged and attempt to get the officers involved hauled into court myself. You do not have a right to harass the innocent; your probable cause must be robust. Otherwise we have a police state. Far better that carrying criminals go unsearched than one innocent be wrongly stopped and searched.

  13. Not everyone searched in the street is a yob but young Mr Harvey is. His previous convictions prove this point.
    Not every stop and search will result in items being found but as long as there are reasonable grounds the law allows it. The grounds appear to have been present as this was not brought up in his defence.
    It is a shame he was not searched when he carried out a knifepoint robbery in April. I don't think any innocent person was searched.