Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I never forget about 25 years ago executing a drugs warrant at a Local Authority house occupied by two drug addicts who dealt drugs, got drunk, committed numerous public order offences and stole anything that wasn't bolted down.

Any police officer will know the couple. Let's call them Wayne and Waynetta. They don't like the police because the police regularly deprive them of their liberty. But Wayne and Waynetta had a baby. The baby was a dispensation from any effective punishment by the Courts. The magistrates were always told that Wayne was about to get a job having realised his responsibilities, and he would soon be a fine upstanding member of the community supporting his family. Waynetta was a devoted mother who was doing her best to tackle her drug habit.

When we executed the warrant their child was two and just starting to talk. The child was living in squalor with two drug addicts who could barely look after themselves never mind a child. While we were there, Wayne thought it was a great wheeze to point at one of us and tell the child to repeat his phrase 'fucking pig.' Oh how he laughed on hearing the young child repeat what he said.

At the time I was a naive young PC and I thought it was outrageous that anyone like this should be allowed to have responsibility for a child.  I wrote a long report detailing the living conditions and the behaviour of the parents during this search. The report was sent to Social Services. I didn't hear any more. Several weeks later I telephoned Social Services to ask what was happening about the family. I received a phone call later from their Social Worker assuring me that she was working hard with the family but there were no grounds to remove the child from the parents. Sixteen years later the child was sentenced to five years imprisonment for supplying drugs and GBH.

I have lost count now of the number of young people being arrested and brought into custody who are the offspring of the parents I was arresting a generation ago. Our social and justice systems are not effective in dealing with this never ending cycle.

Here is another woman who is unfit to be a parent. The poor toddler sat on her lap might be a future member of the National Front and what are the chances of him escaping a Court appearance at some time in the future?


  1. '...The poor toddler sat on her lap might be a future member of the National Front...'
    Indeed he might be. But, more likely, a member of an 'institutionally racist' organisation, perhaps?
    Greenhouses and stones come to mind here!

  2. This video has gained lots of traction for debate here in the States as well.

  3. Dickiebo, I understand from your blog that you are an avid fan of the Daily Mail. You shouldn't believe everything you read in that rag. The police may have been racist in your day but suggesting it now is pretty ridiculous to those of us in the know, still at the sharp end.

  4. You simply must respect the Great White Truth, Dickie. I submit to an acceptance of all innuendo supplied by this blog for the duration of my stay.

  5. Slamdunk - I would be interested to know what would happen to a lady behaving in this way on a bus/train in the States.

    Melvyn - glad to have you aboard. Sometimes you need to drop the politics and go all the way to the station.

  6. 'Dickiebo, I understand from your blog that you are an avid fan of the Daily Mail.'
    If, by that, you mean that I read, and quote from the Mail, then you are correct. I also have a 'feed' from The Telegraph and Wales Online. Perhaps it does not suit your agenda to be totally truthful?
    'You shouldn't believe everything you read in that rag.'
    I don't! Anymore than I believe EVERYthing that I read in your rag!
    'The police may have been racist in your day'
    Well, I was pre-MacPherson. And you?
    'still at the sharp end'
    Hmphhhhh! Got out from behind the camera then?

  7. Dickiebo - you are a good example of one of the problems of modern society. Stupid people used to keep quiet to avoid others realising. Now they just open up and confirm their problem.
    Yes you were pre McPherson when the police were not just allegedly institutionally racist but overtly racist. You still portray this racism on your blog.
    You state you don't believe everything you read in the Mail and then make a snipe at Lex about hiding behind cameras. A typical Daily Mail fantasy. Unbelievably stupid.

  8. Unbelievably stupid.
    Rather sums you up, methinks. But you are best answered by hiding behind anonymity! I shall not hijack another person's blog by trying to educate you in the facts of life.

  9. Steady on...

    Dickie has imperfections, as do the rest of us. As to his credentials as a wise an honourable man, there can be no doubt. The suggestion he conducted himself any differently during the decades he served this Nation in military and police uniforms, is quite ridiculous.


  10. Nice to see you haven't lost your sense of humour Melvyn!

  11. I cannot recall crafting police blog wit beyond pie-throwing slapstick, lex. Such praise is thoroughly undeserved.