Thursday, 3 March 2011

Corruption Update

Last year I ran this story regarding senior management corruption. Two senior officers had been given exemptions from fines and points by other senior officers. They were given exemptions as they claimed to be attending important meetings and were on call in case of serious incidents.

Truth was they were not attending meetings, but my question was; even if they had been, why on earth were they exempted? Is it common practice for senior police officers to exempt others from driving offences for such frivolous reasons? The two officers went to court but were acquitted. Why they weren't disciplined remains a mystery, until perhaps now.

I have it from a very good source that when the officers made a request to view undisclosed material some startling facts were uncovered. During the investigation the Force had obtained the full banking details of at least one officer and two other persons, linked to him, but not employed by the Force. It had also obtained full details of telephone usage by the officers.

So, it would appear that the Force decided to go on an unlawful fishing trip to see if they could dig up any other dirt on these officers. The DCC, having told people he was going to personally see to it that the officers were disciplined and sacked, appears to have had to back down and let them have their jobs back or face being sued, with all the embarrasment that would have brought to him and the Force.

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