Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Colin Hatch RIP?

I guess like many people, when I heard of the death today of the murderer and child abuser Colin Hatch, I thought bloody good riddance. If you don't know what crimes this disgusting man was responsible for have a look at this.

I have no doubt that there will be an inquiry regarding how another inmate managed to murder him in a Yorkshire prison. I do understand that there is a duty of care towards all prisoners. Prisons cannot be allowed to become institutions where inmates kill or maim others as they see fit. Where will it end?

In the case of Hatch, I just hope they don't spend too much on an inquiry. There will be very few mourning his demise.


  1. That's so sad....(Not really- where's the POS getting buried so we can go urinate on his grave)

  2. I hope he suffered like he caused suffering to those children!

  3. My first instinct is that when incidents like this happen it feels like a kind of natural justice. As a top expert has said that such people cannot be cured, we now don't have to worry about this person ever being released to carry on with yet more of the same.

    The 'prison game' article is alarming. We hear stories of lackadaisical prison staff allowing Sky digital boxes to be smuggled in (on top of the usual drugs and mobile phones), and of prisons being more like holiday camps and then on the other side of the scale there are incidents like the one above and 'prison bloodsports'. Makes you wonder what the truth really is.

  4. As I believe in Capital Punishment, I don't have the slightest concern, but hope the enquiry doesn't cost the taxpayer too much.
    Presumably, in due course, we will find out who did it and why he was inside.

  5. "....when I heard of the death today of the murderer and child abuser Colin Hatch, I thought bloody good riddance...."

    Such an encouraging and well thought out call to officers who run profitable sidelines by smuggling weapons and drugs into overcrowded prisons.

    Only one step away from running sweepstakes on the next prisoner to be murdered?