Wednesday, 9 February 2011

ACPO and the APA

I recently wrote about ACPO regarding their handling of covert operations. I suggested that perhaps it was time their cozy funding arrangements with the Home Office and the Association of Police Authorities came to an end and we said goodbye to ACPO.

Police Authorities throughout the country are looking to save money and funding to ACPO is under review by many. ACPO is now fighting for its survival. Many Police Authorities believe that ACPO has grown too large and should be subject to the same cuts that Forces have been subjected to.

Incidentally, over the last decade or so, Police Authorities have grown large secretariats, employed chief executives etc. And members expenses are not insignificant, resulting in large increases in the running costs of Police Authorities, paid for out of the police precept. While police forces are struggling to find 20% savings on their budgets, my Authority has no plans to save anything from its own budget. I suspect other Authorities are the same.

Maybe we should welcome the new Police Commisioners in 2012 after all.


  1. I agree that it would make policing more accountable under the rule of law in this country. As I mentioned in my post on then previous blog, the creeping secretariat functions and non operational, strategic, quangoesque nonsense is like a leech sucking the life blood from police funding.
    Constantly circulating proposals and documents to 'corporate partners' ad infinitum with no real decision being made, just continual fudging.....
    Proper democratically accountable leadership will cut a swathe through this expensive bureaucracy. The current system breeds mediocrity, 'safe', uninspirational, blackberry worrying leaders who have consistently failed to provide the safer streets and stronger borders that this country requires.


  2. Why does every occupational member orgainization (no matter the initial benevolent intent) always grow and consume more and more dues as time goes on?

    The fees don't grow like inflation....they are far more accelerated it seems. At least that how my organizations and union have been.


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  3. The Government is grateful that ACPO have themselves agreed to support change in order to make this contribution most effectively. To that end the Government is currently engaged in constructive discussions with ACPO
    The ACPO must go now, the above home office quote
    shows the gov grovels to them, while the ACPO fat cats get fatter, stabbing the rank and file in the back.