Saturday, 23 March 2013


Another DM style post I am afraid, but I couldn't resist this one.

Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to The Treasury
In an interview with The Telegraph today, Danny Alexander has made it clear that the Welfare budget has been ring fenced and will not be considered for any more cuts in public spending. Consequently, defence and policing are highly likely to have to face even more cuts to their budgets.
This is a hugely disappointing decision by the coalition. The welfare, or social protection budget, is by far the largest and arguably the one that can be cut without having any effect on services at all. These charts show where your money is taken from and where the Government spend it.

The welfare budget has grown to such an extent that every household in the UK is contributing £8000 per annum towards it. If one in five households are net receivers of benefits then working households actually contribute £10,000.
The cuts to policing have already resulted in the loss of more than 16,000 jobs. The number of officers on response has fallen to levels that put officers and the public at risk. Proactive policing is almost extinct. The chances of the police detecting your crime has never been lower. Crime will inevitably rise. The chances of the police being able to tackle the next retail riot are diminishing all the time.
But apparently, keeping some benefit claimants in cigarettes and drink is more important. 



  1. You are absolutely correct, lex. This is an utter disgrace and I am shocked. Any claimant, apparently fit enough to pass the plod fitness and IQ tests with ease, should accept the free uniform and sit at a designated radiator like thousands of others.

  2. Radiator? Not again.

  3. so tragic that clip

    demonstrates the underlying problem throughout the uk.

    cycle has to be broken somewhere

    think your essay is spot on

  4. @ plod trolls WC Jaded, shijuro, Frankie, Ranter et al.

    I am persuaded to conclude that an operation to minimise further harm to the reputation of police has already commenced with the identification of those appearing on a list of 'Gadgeteers'. Further indications in News could add considerable weight to that possibility.

    Should it transpire that none of you are or ever were police officers, I will be somewhat relieved. Your conduct has been totally inconsistent with that expected from honest and trustworthy public servants.

    Insofar as it concerns genuine police, the decent fraction will benefit from tougher sanctions brought against the cowardly, lazy and corrupt. When these elements are returned to acceptable proportions, the prospect of restoring police to their once trusted role as self-regulator, will also move a step closer.

    Clouds may be gathering but have a nice day.

  5. E-K, stressed out cop and now here.Melvin is everywhere with the same boring cut-and-pasted message.

  6. Melv, again nothing to add to the debate, just the usual carping, sniping, innuendo and veiled threats. The offer still stands to publish something explaining all that pent up bitterness and vitriol.

  7. I am reasonably satisfied with current developments and PCSO's aside, I see many positive changes ahead, lex. Perhaps I have confounded police efforts to smear me as a 'Police Hater' because I have never considered myself to be such. Thus I am unable to furnish your demand for a topic 'explaining all that pent up bitterness and vitriol'. I want the restoration of a good really is that simple!

    Over the years we have been reasonably forthright and honest with each other. We agree on many points such as 'decent police remaining in uniform are now too few to make the necessary difference'. Similarly, I hope we can continue to accommodate our differing views.

  8. melv, perhaps you need to reflect on how you are perceived and why?
    You are critical of the police but in a destructive and dismissive way. You regularly take comments out of context. Being accurate is an important part of policing and you do not always meet those high standards yourself.
    I asked you recently if you would like to publish something on this blog. You said you would think about it and get back to me. I heard nothing more and so I asked you again. Suddenly, that has become a demand. That is not correct.
    You say you want the restoration of good policing. I have pointed out many times that policing in the past was never the Utopia that some people like to remember. When the rose tinted glasses are removed, post war policing was violent and brought about many injustices.
    We have that period of policing to thank for much of the legislation and accountability that now make the job almost impotent.
    Equality and political correctness have resulted in the ineffective recruits that lack the presence and authority you once admired.
    The rest of the totally ineffective justice system has ensured that the police, the public facing part of it, have lost all respect with much of the public.
    Finally, Government propaganda has ensured that almost any remaining respect for the police has been lost. This has enabled the Government to implement Winsor, which will simply ensure the quality of police recruits is eroded further.

    It is not all about police numbers. The prisons are still full. We now have around 125,000 persistent offenders in the country who commit the majority of crime. This number continues to rise. For decades we have heard politicians state that they are going to sort out parenting, education and the justice system. Etc. They have all failed to do so. The police simply take the blame for their impersonation of King Canute trying to hold back this ever increasing tide of crime.

    I am very happy to accomodate differing views and enjoy constructive debate. If you are missing Rehill, I have started deleting him. His comments are getting so silly it is stifling sensible debate.

  9. "melv, perhaps you need to reflect on how you are perceived and why?"

    I state that which I believe to be true and fair, lex. I can and do, readily apologise for inevitable mistakes and injustices. And not because I am playing to a gallery but to satisfy a personal code.

    "Being accurate is an important part of policing..."

    Then you must strive to be more accurate, lex. The word 'demand' and the context in which I used it, quite properly referred to a sought-after state and the intensity of your insistent question. When it serves only to improve your own English, I urge you to criticise mine.

    "I have pointed out many times that policing in the past was never the Utopia that some people like to remember."

    In all my research re post-war policing, I have never once encountered descriptions using the adjective 'Utopian' and your assertion is more a fictional embellishment than an honest inaccuracy. I reject out of hand, inferences that immediate post-war policing was meritless. For all its faults, it was the most dignified and honourable period of its history.

    I have previously made the point that lawyers have cunningly exploited ineffective policing. Dim police supremos of the recent past having played into lawyers' hands. Yes, our prisons are full. A weakened economy, in which offenders are constantly recycled, has been created by those it suits best.

    You may wish to reconsider Ciaran's position. In his defence, a talent for comedy is keener for subtlety, often toying dryly over Jaded's head. However you remain the arbiter of expression and comic relief here.

    1. As usual, very articulate and full of verbiage but, as is usual, doesn't really offer anything.

      As for the subject matter. Was I the only one who was hoping that the disgusting fat woman would meet an unfortunate end involving a bus and a pack of feral cats.

  10. Anonymous,

    I fear that Mr Benson & Mrs Hedges will get her before the cats do...

  11. Every government seems to care more about looking after the Jeremy Kylers in this country than decent people.Why is that?

  12. melv - I will be brief. A casual reminder can never be construed as a demand. I hoped you would be above trying to defend that one.

    'lawyers have cunningly exploited inneffective policing.' There is nothing cunning about it. It took lawyers 15 years to realise that the Police and Criminal Evidence Act was so full of holes it could be used as a cash cow for them to bleed the legal aid system. Until then we understood it a lot better than they did. Nothing to do with the police melv. Poor legislation, drafted by lawyers in Parliament which allow an ever increasing number of morally bankrupt lawyers to live very well at the taxpayers expense is all part of the game.

    The prisons are not full because of a weakened economy. I am astounded that anyone could come to that conclusion. The prisons were full before the economy bombed. It has remained full because the Courts have consistently failed to impose deterrent sentencing meaning that there is an ever increasing number of persistent offenders who continue to commit offences with impunity until they do something so serious they are imprisoned. Underneath this we have a whole raft of petty offenders whose offending has reduced as the huge increase in benefits now means that they can no longer be bothered to get up and steal.

    Rehill has just become too much of a tedious bore. I cannot recall any humour in any of his posts.

  13. Good morning, lex.

    It is bigotedly comic to be fixated on one meaning of 'demand' just to support your argument. Knowing the nuances of English are without peer, I may be perilously close to arrest over a murder of crows on my property here.

    Our language has strengths and weaknesses. Many readers appreciate a meaning conveyed in French or Latin has intentionally avoided the limitations of English. And my reluctance to be so considerate on police blogs, simply avoids the usual accusations of pretentiousness from the 'educatid'.

    " Underneath this we have a whole raft of petty offenders whose offending has reduced as the huge increase in benefits now means that they can no longer be bothered to get up and steal." Oo-er, missus.

    I hoped you would be above traducing me as a benefits scrounger/thief. Gosh, look at the time. I must get myself off to work now....

    1. Again, more verbiage. No constructive meaning.


  14. Demand
    1. ask for something as of right or peremptorily or urgently.
    2. require, need
    3. An insistent and peremptory request, made as if by right
    4. Ask authoritatively or brusquely

    My offer to you fits none of those definitions melv.

    Where on earth in my comment have I suggested that you are a benefits scrounger? It worries me melv that as an alleged academic you can read meaning, to apparently suit your own prejudices, which do not exist.

    Good luck with the hearing on the 24th.

  15. Lex Ferenda said...(27 March, 2013 09:40) "Where on earth in my comment have I suggested that you are a benefits scrounger? It worries me melv that as an alleged academic you can read meaning, to apparently suit your own prejudices, which do not exist."

    Lex Ferenda said...(13 March, 2013 22:36) "melv - must get a job as a well as using your incredible insight it might get you out of the house and off benefits..."

    This incredible loss of recall must be weighed in conjunction with other alarm signals, including your recent 'Knightjack' gaffe. These indicators are highly significant.

    "Being accurate is an important part of policing..." Yup. As much as normal memory is an important part of policing.

    There are tests for cognitive function which your GP can provide and I urge you to seek an appointment today...lest you forget, old chap.

  16. melv - I carefully worded it by saying 'my comment.' In normal understanding this would exclude previous references. I hadn't forgotten my previous snipe, hence the wording.

    Your apology for suggesting I made a demand of you is accepted.

  17. "We went to a fantastic new restaurant the other evening."

    "Oh yes. What is it called?"

    Lex went into deep thought for a full minute. "What's the name of that flower you give to someone know, the red one with thorns?"

    "A rose?"

    "That's the one!" said Lex and turning towards the kitchen he shouted, "Rose, what's the name of that restaurant we went to last night?"

  18. "melv - I carefully worded it by saying 'my comment.' In normal understanding this would exclude previous references. I hadn't forgotten my previous snipe, hence the wording."

    I am happy to accept that, lex. Not since Kamikaze pilot Saburo Morimoto landed his Zero safely back at base because one of his fillings was working loose, has a more pathetic excuse been tendered to the World.

  19. Dr MGT,

    For what its worth... as a casual observer... I really cant see any 'demand' from Lex.

    And Lex did use the word 'comment'. So I guess he got you there.

    But so what? Must it aggrieve you so?

    And Lex,
    after posting an excellent essay, why quibble with these guys over minutiae that surely only matters to them.

    Frankly, if MGT thinks he's made a marvellous but irrelevant missive, just congratulate him- I suspect thats what others in real life do to him, on the principle that 'life is too short'.

  20. Good morning, JESS.

    Your comment trail is consistently negative towards police critics who had the audacity to defend themselves against systematic falsehood and traducement on this blog. You are no 'casual observer' but I realise you remain oblivious to the real games being played here, my dear.

    Our host was hostage to a rotten culture unsuited to his moral compass. He is racked with guilt and blogging has brought none of the relief or consolations he hoped it would. You may have first hand knowledge of those frustrations.

  21. Jess - you are absolutely right. Most of the time I simply sit by my radiator and ignore him. Occasionally, I like to get out and cast a fly and see what results. I will revert to the former more often.

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