Monday, 4 February 2013

For Huhne The Bell Tolls

Lying May 2011

Well, Chris Huhne has finally pleaded guilty to Perverting The Course of Justice. I am sure you are all aware that his car went through a speed camera back in 2003. He was driving but didn't want the conviction so he persuaded his wife, Vicky Pryce, to say she was driving and she took the penalty points on her licence.

 Lying Again Feb 2012

In 2010 Huhne dumped his wife and moved in with his mistress. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and all that. Before too long a police investigation was under way and Huhne denied the offence. The CPS then announced that he was to be prosecuted and Huhne expressed his dismay at the decision but stated that he was looking forward to proving his innocence at the forthcoming trial. Today he pleaded guilty to the offence and has finally resigned as an MP.


Admission but no remorse or apology Feb 2013
I don't know if any of you saw the Politics Show yesterday morning but if you did you would have seen The Police Federation defending their stance regards their handling of the Andrew Mitchell Plebgate affair. You would have also seen David Davis MP talking about Mitchell being 'fitted up' by the police and talking as if he was completely innocent of all allegations. No acknowledgement that Mitchell admitted swearing at the police. The only argument is, did he use the word pleb during his tirade? You can watch a totally biased version of events tonight at 1930 on Dispatches - Plebs, Lies and Videotape.
Interestingly, Davis added in his interview that Cameron had failed to fully support Mitchell as he didn't want a fight with the police. (He is already destroying the police.) He added that Cameron's attitude to the Federation might now be very different and there may be some changes coming. (Wake up Federation.)
The media are squirming regards the Leveson Inquiry, worried that the freedom of the press is being gagged by politicians. There is no doubt that MP's would like less intrusion from the media. Why? Some commentators are suggesting that the way the media are treating politicians is preventing people from entering politics.
In the past we had politicians who were real statesmen. Their integrity was unquestionable. What we now have running this country is a bunch of self interested lightweights who continually provide the media with the ammunition to undermine them. I remember Edwina Curry discussing the expenses scandal. She said that it would never have happened when Margaret Thatcher was running the country. 'She would have had our guts for garters.'
Our current bunch of, often dishonest, politicians are largely unfit to manage this country. In this time of austerity they are still discussing giving themselves a 30% pay rise. Following the disgraceful expenses scandal, where many MP's collars should have been felt, but were not, MP's are now claiming more in expenses than they were before the scandal was exposed. The only difference now is that the taxpayer is paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for the new bureaucratic, 'independent' monitoring of those expenses. To allow these politicians any control over the media is a dangerous move.


  1. To allow these politicians any control over the media is a dangerous move.
    Absolutely. Lord knows, they get away with murder NOW!

  2. Shouldn't laugh-but I did! Out loud too.
    I wonder if his new girlfriend will wait for him? Lookers like her have their choice of men....

  3. This is poor even by your standards Grandad. Plebgate underlines police mendacity, put bluntly you are lying scum. Look at Harwood and how your former colleagues tried to wriggle out of that. Next is Alfie Meadows, who was nearly killed by roided out goons in blue yet is charged with ATTACKING 10 single handed! Finally my pal Dale Cregan is up in Preston with 150 ****ers with shooters around him. Only 1 thing WHY was the biggest manhunt a failure when he hid a few doors down from his old address? Fnnr Fnnr!!

  4. Rehill - Harwood. Charged and tried and found not guilty by a jury of your peers.
    Alfie Meadows - Jury couldn't reach a verdict. So more of the jury thought he was guilty than Harwood. We will see what the retrial says.
    Dale Cregan - Your pal? He's never heard of you. Lets hope his mates don't try and spring him with all those shooters around. ;~)
    Who lives a few doors down from you Rehill? Probably easy for you, there is a name on the door of all your special friends.

  5. I was intent on striding to the crease with 'a few decades ago we had Village Sergeants whose integrity was unquestionable, lex.'
    It stoops to the the same old point scoring routine....which is already well under way, gentlemen.

    Huhne is a shared shame and a more fertile debate might focus on whether the government and our major Institutions have sufficient credibility remaining to resist implosion. That our public services are now stuffed to the gunnels with folk no less corrupt than Huhne, is pretty much common knowledge. He simply made the additional errors of being arrogant, careless and caught.

  6. melv - I think I have covered this before. You have rose tinted glasses on when it comes to reflecting the good old days when every village had its well respected sergeant.
    Some villages had a constable. Most of them shared one.
    This was a day when the police, teachers, doctors, even lawyers had some respect and most people did what they were told by authority figures.
    In our liberal infested society where everyone knows 'their rights' and hardly anyone accepts any responsibility or authority (not even former cabinet ministers)we are left with a society that abuses the system, takes and doesn't give, argues to the point of destruction.
    This is why more and more people want to send their children to private schools. The chance of your child failing to achieve any potential is hugely increased in the reformed and destroyed state sector.
    This is why more and more people want private health care. Who wants to be treated in an NHS hospital where overworked staff have been totally demoralised by 'reform?' The NHS are becoming overwhelmed with the results of the abuses of our wonderful liberal society.
    The days of the village constable are gone. In those days the uniform had respect and village constable clipped kids round the ear and took lippy teenagers up a dark alley for a 'discussion.' They could do that then. To suggest we can return to that in our current society where all authority is impotent to deal with anti social behaviour is ludicrous.

  7. "To suggest we can return to that in our current society where all authority is impotent to deal with anti social behaviour is ludicrous."

    It is a wild imagination which lends itself to overstretching all evidence, lex. I have never suggested, here or elsewhere, that our society can re establish a bygone age of respect and discipline.

    And your inference that police physically beat 'lippy' teenagers in some dark alley, is equally imaginative. We would never have tolerated such violent police abuse in my Village, old sport.

    FYI the Village Sergeant gradually earned begrudging respect by doing precisely 'the right thing'.

  8. Haha- I just knew when I logged on today that you would have a post on Huhne (quite right too)

    One almost admires his ability to lie so calmly and with such unflappability.

    His lies were delivered with the same confidence and cadence as his admission of guilt.

    What a little turd eh? Literally a polished turd.... see what I did there....

    30% rise for MPs?- FFS, really FFS...

    Freedom of the Press- I like the idea and concept of a free press- but they abused it so often (and in recent times with police help btw) that actually I now think the press does need regulation.

    It saddens me but nasty and reckless journalists have brought this on themselves.

  9. Melvin,
    I'm not clear exactly where your image of this saintly village sergeant comes from.
    Did you live in many different villages and encounter numerous village sergeants in your youth?


  10. A Saint, Tang0? I was no authority on his virtues or his vices and such an image is not one I could have evoked. And there is no intimation he was an officer who enjoyed immense popularity. Yet there can be no doubt he secured widespread respect. His social standing arising through good, hard work and diligence.

    The Village community felt indebted to his effectiveness or 'value for money' if you prefer the contemporary term.

    The rhetorical question will be ignored in the knowledge such action will be no cause for offence.

  11. Leave him alone Tango,he managed to go a whole post without mentioning the word "radiator".It's a personal best.

  12. melv, I am tempted to say you must have been brought up in a soft area.

    Our MP's, banks and other institutions are simply a reflection of our wonderful liberal society.
    Pressure from society has dissolved as we are no longer allowed to criticise people's life choices. These life choices often mean feckless and irresponsible parenting, producing an ever increasing number of failed kids who offend and are a burden to the rest of society.
    Comprehensive education hasn't resulted in improved education, simply a lowering of standards which fails our brightest people and churns out ill behaved and irresponsible kids.
    Feminism hasn't resulted in equality it has just resulted in many young women joining their male counterparts in a moral vacuum of crime, drunkenness and being screwed.
    The welfare safety net has become abused to the extent that there are so few people contributing to the tax burden that it is bankrupting us.
    Where the corporate and government leaders of our country once had a moral code that prevented corruption and incidents such as the banking crisis; these leaders are now greedy, self serving and morally bankrupt. Tax avoidance, expenses, salaries and decisions taken to maximise short term gains with no concern for the outcome of those decisions.

    I am no fan of the press and the stench of their corruption and practices reflects everything I have said above. Nonetheless, the thought of our current leaders having control over the press is a recipe for disaster.

  13. Your preceding sermon was delightful and I grow more confident of other areas of mutual agreement, lex. Classic motorcycle restoration or visual/performing Arts, perhaps?