Wednesday, 18 July 2012

G4S Send Comedian to Select Committee

The complete and utter mess that G4S have made of the Olympics contract is still unravelling and the press haven't yet reported just how bad it is. G4S claimed to have recruited all but 3500 staff required to fulfil the contract. It now transpires that thousands of staff they thought had been recruited are no longer available or not interested in working.

G4S spent many months recruiting staff but failed to ensure that they were still available to work. This meant that as Olympic sites were searched and sealed ready for handover to G4S to guard and keep secure, G4S e-mailed staff to attend work and only a percentage of those actually turned up. This has meant that police officers are having to fill those gaps. Officers rest days are being cancelled with no notice.  Officers are being taken away from their core roles, leaving behind dangerously low levels of staff. Even more troops are having to be mobilised to fill some of these gaps.

In my force response teams are running below minimum agreed staffing levels. Investigators, neighbourhood teams and officers from many other departments are being posted to help with the Olympics. If you need the police urgently and dial 999; if you are a victim of crime and you want that crime investigated, pray you don't need to now because there is less likelihood of a police officer being available to answer your 999 call or to investigate your crime than ever before.

The CEO of G4S, Nick Buckles, was summoned to attend the Home Affairs Select Committee where he received the biggest mauling ever seen by the odious Keith Vaz and his cohorts. What shocked everyone was that Buckles agreed to pay compensation, bonuses Etc. His performance was lamentable. If you want to watch a bit you can see it here.

I can now reveal the reason for this poor performance and the empty promises of compensation. G4S didn't in fact send their CEO Nick Buckles to address the Select Committee, they sent the comedian Joe Pasquale.

G4S CEO Nick Buckles
Comedian Joe Pasquale

These little jokes by G4S continue with the news that two of the guards on the Coventry City Stadium are illegal immigrants from Pakistan. A country rather well known for its connections to terrorism.

I think it is fair to say that Dave and Theresa's plan to hand over the British Police Force to G4S has taken a bit of a set back. But don't think that this will stop this arrogant pair.


  1. "....Dave and Theresa's plan to hand over the British Police Force to G4S has taken a bit of a set back"

    Were it not for their exceptional honesty and integrity, I would feel justified in my suspicions that the pair were ideally placed to arrange a sharp dip in G4S share values, as a prelude to a buying spree. One should never rely upon pensions alone, lex.

  2. It's finally happened! MTG has written something that I understand and agree with!

    This whole fiasco could work in the police's favour,or at least delay the juggernaut of privatisation.

  3. Your terrorist, our freedom fighter. Now I will have a rant. Squaddies kip in a disused factory, salary £16K if lucky. Plod will be in luxury hotels, on massive overtime. Jesus no wonder you are despised. Eat the rich.

  4. G4S responsibilities run deeper than just providing security guards at Olympic sites. They also are down for providing Dog Search units and control room functions amongst others. If these boys and girls don't turn up, it really could be chaos...

  5. "...MTG has written something that I understand and agree with!"

    Thank you, Jaded. Your compliment, arising as it does from a source which was ever oblivious to the rules of grammar, is profoundly subtle.

    Please accept my reciprocal admiration for your stock phrases. I am in awe at their versatility; meanings altered by choice and position of the principal crudity. Well done, old girl.