Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Racism or Political Correctness at its Worst?

Kabeer Hassan, One of the Offenders

You may have read today that a gang of nine Asian males were found guilty of plying young vulnerable white girls with drink and drugs and passing them around for sex. Some of the victims were as young as 13.

At the time of the arrest the police declined to state the ethnicity of the gang involved, sparking a lot of speculation in the press. Today police spokespersons have repeatedly stated that these were NOT racially motivated crimes. Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood, of Greater Manchester Police said: "It is not a racial issue. This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children. It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men." Mmm. If you do a bit of research you will find that 96% of offenders charged with these types of offences have been Asian. In particular, 83% are of Pakistani origin.

The Guardian is at pains to assure its readers that these are not racial crimes. They state. 'Despite the conviction of nine Asian men for child exploitation in Rochdale and worrying signs in the statistics, racial profiling won't help potential victims.' Seems to me that it might, unless they are suggesting racist police are targeting Asian offenders and ignoring black and white offenders.

Personally I don't care whether these crimes are labelled racist or not. The important issues are that we do more to safeguard victims, who invariably come from the ineffective liberal care system, and we do all we can to prosecute offenders, whatever their ethnicity.

I am concerned that in some cases the police seem almost too ready to make public assurances that offences are being treated as racist but, in other circumstances, are anxious to play down any possible racial aggravation.


  1. Yes your pal Nick Griffin nearly jeopardised the trial by tweeting. Did you know some of those girls are Asian? So it isn't racial. As for the gora, who would let their 13 year old daughter out all night then come back stinking of booze? Not much public support 10th May, just as well, your lot are to be targetted. Orders just in from GHQ. Ta ta, C.

  2. I have some ideas about how to administer some justice...once the court finds them guilty. Put them in a nice prison, and give them drugs and let some big mean brawler have his way with them....sounds fair to me.

  3. oh, and before I retired...I thought "Everybody matters, or nobody does."

  4. Indeed. The loony left would rather be completely in denial of issues such of this rather than admit the statistics. If the majority of certain crimes in a certain area are committed by a certain demographic then denying this issue in the name of political correctness is hardly going to help anyone. Some of the Guardian's arguments are absurd too (Surveillance on every Pakistani?), not to mention they talk about conflation between "Pakistani" and "Asian" only to do it themselves in the same article, as well as conflating/confusing the very general term of "Asian" with Islam in general. In at least one instance they imply Islam is a race rather than a religion. The entire article is a bit of a mess and judging from the comments even the Guardian's own readers seem to agree.

    Then again idiots like Nick Griffin and EDL scumbags don't help matters, either, spouting their racist idiocy when they detect even the most tenuous link between race and crime.

    Thankfully I live in an almost completely white area so this racism hot potato never affects me. It always perplexes me when I see stories like this about race. Everyone seems more concerned with the colour of someone's skin or what religion they practice rather than the crimes they have committed or the welfare of their victims.

  5. Long negligence is required to produce a dirty, smelly oven and what was the cook's determined neglect must become the diners' drastic action.

  6. Awesome Ciaran,
    So alongside your bizarre campaign to obtain anonymity for all parties in rape trials by naming and blaming rape victims, you are now happy to load the responsibility of being raped and trafficked on the heads of the child victims:-
    "As for the gora, who would let their 13 year old daughter out all night then come back stinking of booze? "

    Or is it just that in your world a drunken, damaged and vulnerable 13 year old would be just too much temptation for a married 41 year old with three children of his own?

    And you KNOW "some of those girls are Asian?" REALLY? Perhaps you could produce some actual evidence of that (a futile request when we look at all your previous claims).

    For what it's worth I don't think it is particularly helpful to treat this as a problem which is only due to racism - but unhelpful lies and abuse of vulnerable child victims doesn't really assist anyone's cause.


  7. Magistrate: Please provide the court with your account of the defendant's careless driving.

    PC Tnago: He was driving in a strained manner, Sir. There was clearly an intention to be careless or I wouldn't have bumped into the back of him when we stopped. He emerged from his vehicle and began using strained grammar; a lesser offence for which he was duly cautioned, Sir.

    Magistrate: Thank you PC Tnago. This court takes a very dim view of idiots in uniform.

  8. Tango the victims were identified by the slime of Greater Manchester Plod as 8 UK Pakistanis and 1 Afghan refo. See what I did there? Read up on the Susan May case to find out why 99% of nice folks despise you.

  9. CR-your cockitude is reaching even greater heights.The suspects in this case weren't named until found guilty.Isn't that what you want?
    As for the race issue-it's obvious to anyone what went on here (except ladder climbing senior officers of course).Once again you are defending the indefensible.Also please don't describe yourself as "nice folk".You are a spiteful hate-mongering idiot.

    As for MTG,can anyone translate that?I haven't got time,too busy reading up on Leda and the swan.It's compulsory for all us police now due to complaints from the public that we know little of the classics.

  10. It's common for extremists to think that they have more support than they actually do - hence this idiot pulling "99%" out of his arse.

  11. Brontosaurus09 May, 2012 21:24

    About 90% of people support the police and around the same number would think CR is a complete twat, if they had ever heard of him or his views.
    I guess the real issues here are that some Asian men think that women are second class citizens and that some white women are sluts, who are free to be abused. Unfortunately, the behaviour of some men and women in our society tends to give credence to that latter view.
    There are cultural and racial issues involved here.
    It is rather sad that Guardian readers have to be brainwashed with the reassurance that only white people can be racist.
    Spineless senior police officers, only interested in their careers, will label any crime racist where the victim is non white. Labelling any crime racist where the victim is white is risky for them as it might cause unrest in minority communities and blight careers.

  12. Ciaran, I appreciate the truth may not suit your agenda or warped mind but the fact is ALL the victims in this case were white.

  13. Ciaran,
    You don't appear to be repeating your support for the convicted rapists in this trial with your new Ched Evans supporting football friends on Twitter?

    I wonder why.


  14. Ciaran. Liar. Proven time after time. The lefts answer to Joseph goebbels

  15. Long negligence is required to produce a dirty, smelly oven and what was the cook's determined neglect must become the diners' drastic action.

    Hmm - Could be :- lack of attention to a problem (which MTG appears unable/unwilling to define) by the deliberate ignoring of that problem by one section of society (presumably the police – judging by MTG’s usual views) has created a large problem that now has to be sorted out by some other (unspecified) section of society taking (unspecified) “drastic action”.

    Or in more distilled form “Whatever the problem was – it was the Police’s fault. I can’t offer any solutions, but I can snipe with a well crafted (if slightly incomprehensible and entirely unhelpful) epigram”

    Am I close? ;-)


  16. @ Tnago.

    Very good. You may take a mark for excellent work, Tnago. Don't forget to return the Big Red Bus book tomorrow and remember to ask Mum for some clean underwear...with a couple of spares this time, please.

  17. Do you know what the real crime is? Misusing "it's" when you mean "its".

  18. Dreadful schoolboy error. I am ashamed as I continually have to pick this up with officers