Friday, 2 March 2012

Failing Justice System, Failing Society

Over the last 50 years or so we have become victims of an experiment by liberal policy makers, exacerbated more lately by our attachment to Europe and the Human Rights Act. These naive policies, which have supposedly given individuals more freedoms, have in fact resulted in the majority having their freedoms eroded. In the case of crime, the decent law abiding majority are now fearful of leaving their homes and worried about becoming a victim every time they step out of their door.

Most sensible people understand the underlying issues we have in society but we seem to be completely impotent when it comes to addressing them. Until the 1960's behaviour in society was heavily influenced by peer pressure. It wasn't Utopia by any means, but somewhere the baby has got thrown out with the bathwater. The rights of the individual has now gone beyond all sensible boundaries and the impact on others is apparently of little consequence.

One factor affecting crime has been the breakdown of the family unit. Single parenthood and both working parents has meant less direction and control at home for young people. There are some very good single parents but we all know that many struggle to cope and their offspring are more likely to underachieve and fall into crime. We are not allowed to say this however. We have been brainwashed by the politically correct brigade that single parenthood is a personal choice and we should not criticise others choices no matter what it costs us.

All authority has been undermined by liberal policies. We are told how we should, or often shouldn't, discipline our children. Children need discipline and guidance but we have an ever growing number of feckless parents unwilling or incapable of bringing them up to behave decently. They breed away secure in the knowledge that the working taxpayer will pick up all the bills and society will be left to try and sort out the mess. Schools, children's homes, Youth Offending Team etc., have all been indoctrinated that children must be treated as adults. Treat them with respect and they will respect you. The reality of this has been that authorities are held in complete contempt by unruly and criminal young people. They behave as they like, safe in the knowledge that there will be no effective consequences for their behaviour.

This criminal justice system is now infested with these liberal policies. Successive Governments have allowed this to happen on the advice of civil servants and so called experts, academics with no real understanding of, or grass root experience of law and order. For decades now successive Governments have been easily persuaded to adopt these policies on the false premise that it costs less to do so. The policies have allowed an ever growing pool of persistent offenders to commit offences with impunity. Treating children as adults has just meant that many of them have never grown up and they become children in adults bodies with no idea of how to behave or of responsibility to society in general.

In 1986 the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) came into being. Until then, the police prosecuted for the Crown. The CPS was sold to the public on the basis that independence was needed in the process and a more professional service. The reality is that the CPS have targets to reduce the number of cases coming to Court. Cases are dropped or plea bargained to ensure that justice is is rarely done. Prosecutions are avoided wherever possible to save money, meaning even fewer offenders face any sort of justice.

You cannot become a Magistrate now unless you pass the liberal policy test that means victims are of no concern and your role in the criminal justice system is understanding the offender is the 'victim' and consequences and deterrent have no place when considering sentencing. Judges have likewise been brought under control by ensuring that only those who toe the line are appointed or progress. Both have their hands tied by the sentencing guidelines designed solely to save money by ensuring that no one goes to prison until they are so far down the road of criminality that there is no chance of reforming them anytime soon. When persistent offenders do get their first six week prison sentence it is of no effect whatsoever.

Unless it is a very serious offence, by which I mean murder, rape or manslaughter, young offenders will usually receive a reprimand  for a first offence and then a final warning for a second. On reaching adulthood they are eligible for a caution before finally being charged and put before a court. The average offender has six court appearances before they receive a custodial sentence. So the average offender is caught and processed by the police nine times before a custodial sentence is imposed. The police only detect around 6% of all crime (not recorded crime.) This means that the average offender will have committed up to 150 crimes before a custodial sentence is given. A first sentence will usually be just a few weeks. No time for any rehabilitation. Too little too late.

The public are frustrated by the ineffectiveness of the justice system in protecting them but don't focus their anger on Government, partly because they don't understand how appalling the justice system has become, but also because they have been brainwashed that prison doesn't work. They have been told that community penalties are more effective when clearly they are not. Re-offending rates for community penalties are higher than prison. Most importantly though, persistent offenders cannot commit crimes, and increase their tally of victims, when locked away . Taking account of the fact that only 6% of crime is detected the actual re offending rates for persistent offenders are almost 100% whether they are sentenced to prison or community penalty. Prison only fails if we don't lock people up soon enough or for long enough to protect the decent law abiding majority.

50 years ago crime levels were 10% of what they are now. It wasn't perfect but it was a far safer country than it is now. You could leave your house safe in the knowledge that when you returned to it there was little chance that it might have been burgled. That is now ten times times more likely. You could walk down the street knowing that the chance of being robbed was almost non existent. Now you are 20 times more likely to be a victim of a street robbery. We are one of the pariahs of Europe. Crime in the UK is double the European average. America and South Africa are portrayed in the press as violent countries. The reality is that you are far more likely to be a victim of violent crime here than in those countries.

Governments and the justice system have completely failed to protect the public from persistent offenders. By ensuring that these criminals almost never face any meaningful consequences it is actually rewarding their behaviour. Worse still, we have all been brainwashed that it is not the offenders fault. They are the victims of their upbringing and society in general. The message is that their offending is our fault and so the public should suffer the guilt and consequences of their behaviour. Offenders see that  crime does pay very well, so the number of offenders is increasing and the cost of tackling it is now prohibitive. We have been abandoned to the persistent offenders. Successive Governments have given up protecting us. We are told to protect ourselves. We should invest in alarm systems, better locks, CCTV. We shouldn't walk down dark streets at night or use our mobile phones in public. We should hide our valuables from sight. If we don't, then when we become a victim of crime it is our fault for being so stupid when we know persistent offenders are hovering like vultures waiting for their next prey. Taking these preventative measures simply ensures that someone else will become the next victim instead of you. Next time it might be you instead of someone else. We are also told that our fear of crime is imaginary, that crime is nowhere near as bad as we think. Government, Local Authorities and the police have invested enormous resources trying to convince us that our fear of what we see and feel every day is imaginary. This is inexcusable tosh.

In general, the police have kept plugging away, arresting offenders and doing all they can to get them into the system and hopefully, one day, some sort of effective penalty. There are signs now that police morale is failing as a result of the persistent failure of the rest of the justice system. This should be of major concern as the police are the only part of the system currently of any effect. They are the only reason our current prison capacity is full despite the best efforts of Government and every other part of the system to keep them empty.

Decent law abiding members of the public are rightly fed up with our justice system. They see motorists being given hefty fines and points on their licence which has significant consequences for them, while thieves, robbers and burglars walk away laughing with no consequences at all. Persistent offenders treat the police, like the rest of the justice system, with contempt. Decent members of the public are losing confidence in the police, as we are the public facing part of the failing system, whom they hold accountable. Some commentators suggest that more police officers are needed to tackle the current crime epidemic. I disagree. If the justice system properly incarcerated the persistent offenders that the police do catch and ensured there was some effective rehabilitation, crime could be cut by over 50%. This would then allow the police to focus on the remaining persistent offenders and allow the public to start enjoying a life without a genuine fear of crime.

We need to totally overhaul our justice system. For persistent offenders it is a laughing stock and rather than providing any consequence or deterrent it encourages them. Cautions, fines and community penalties have their place but once these have been tried and failed then persistent offenders need to be incarcerated to provide an effective punishment, rehabilitation and, most importantly, justice for victims and protection for the public at large. Persistent offenders need to understand that continuing to re offend will mean more of the same for a longer and longer period. CPS targets should focus on convicting the guilty. The sentencing guidelines and the liberal sentencing policies need consigning to the bin.

The riots last August were a wake up call. A warning of what is coming if we do not change the current failing system. The growing numbers of persistent offenders are becoming bolder in the current climate. Thankfully, the police have put a lot of resources into catching those responsible for the riots. For once, the Government, frightened by what they saw, demanded that the ludicrous sentencing guidelines be overridden. Many rioters have received their just desserts, to the consternation of the hand wringing liberals. This may give us some breathing space, but rioters aside, it is normal ineffective business in the justice system and so we can expect more serious disturbances on our streets.

We should use the recession as an opportunity to invest in prison building. Prisons should be reformed so that there are military style punishment elements moving on to education and learning prior to release. Sentences should be served fully and early release only considered for those that work hard, achieve and show genuine reform. All foreign criminals should serve a minimum punishment term and then be deported with no opportunity to return.

I understand that much of what I have said is heresy to some, including many brainwashed, ambitious, senior police officers. I honestly believe that unless we make changes our society will continue to decline on its present course. I for one am fed up with trying to defend the disgraceful justice system and conning the public that crime is lower than it really is.


  1. Oh dear, radically different view from yoyrs and I am nipping out now but here goes - In 1962 we had a deferential society. Posh folks were not nicked and if they were it was different treatment. Most men had been in the army and so took orders. 50 yrs ago most folks were piss poor and had nothing worth nicking. There were far fewer laws, Blair/Brown brought in 3500+ from 1997-2010. The level of crime differs too, Harlem NY has more shootings less stabbings. Brixton it is the other way round (Tango do not get on my case, it is an OLD study). Until I came into contact with plod 8 years ago I thought that all the "filth" stuff was just East End villains being bitter. I now deal with miscarriages of justice on a daily basis hence my lack of empathy re;Rathband.

  2. Excellent article LF. Well said.

  3. '50 yrs ago most folks were piss poor and had nothing worth nicking...' (Ciaran Redhill)

    Oh good, so hopefully we won't have any people saying that poverty breeds crime today. Of course, there was stuff to nick 50 years ago, just different stuff.

    There was some evidence of crime gangs like the Maltese in London and others.

    However, we were fortunate enough to be blessed with high levels of legal/illegal immigration over the last 30/40 years. Now we have a wonderful diversity of organised crime groups operating in the UK, and a disproportionate number of foreign nationals convicted of crime compared to the resident population. I mean we have Albanians, Bulgarians, Romanians, various European Romany groups, Jamaicans, Nigerian, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian (to name but a few) operating various criminal enterprises within the UK. We are truly breeding excellence there. There also a growing number of 'faith based' crimes amongst African nationals involving unspeakable cruelty to children.

    I am sure there must be a connection there somewhere with the increase and fear of crime.

    Oh and the comment about Rathband and your lack of empathy because you are dealing with miscarriages of justice. OK, I have no empathy with the scum who commit crime or those who represent them so no hard feelings.....


  4. The last 50 years is the legacy of cultural Marxism and Frankfurt School thinking.......It has infected all levels of society, particularly those in positions of power like a virulent deadly infectious disease.


  5. Zorro this quote from the film "Black Joy" (Old cockney lady) "This place was bleedin' lovely before you lot come" Jamaican Youth "Nah, it was always a shithole".

  6. I agree with the sentiment of your post but I have to be an arse and disagree with one of your points - that you could leave your doors unlocked 50 years ago and not be burgled.

    I'm sure this tosh about the 50's being some golden age where everything was brilliant is a complete fabrication by the Daily Mail. There are scum today and there were scum half a century ago.

    No matter how uncommon burglaries are I'd still never leave my back door unlocked because I'm not an idiot.

    Good article nonetheless.

  7. My Dad knew the Krays in the mid 50s, you left them alone, they left you alone.

    1. What tosh. They tortured, extorted and murdered ordinary people too.

  8. That wouldn't surprise me Ciaran. Organised crims know the game and how to play it - they're good at crime and rarely get caught, and on the occasions they do interact with police they're usually quite polite. Unless they know they're likely to get nicked and think they can get away, in which case they will do.

    But these are the successful criminals who rarely get caught, the ones your average neighbourhood bobby isn't going to meet very often, not our "repeat customers" or 17-year-old burglars with 50 convictions already.

  9. You have a point, C. I was struck by 2 things on the (relentless) cop porn we get at 11pm Cops with cameras, cops with dogs, cops on ice with dogs and cameras) one was that all that is shown is a nasty drunk who has been told to go home 6 or 7 times then gets nicked. No public sympathy (even from me) and also no hippies with Stop The War placards getting the sh*t kicked out of them. The other point,as you said was how dumb these "repeat criminals" are.

  10. Charlie Uniform - I haven't said anywhere that you could leave your door unlocked in the 50's. I said it was safer with crime levels 10% of what they are now. I also said it wasn't perfect. Doors may have been left unlocked in rural areas in those days but not in towns and cities. I try and avoid the Daily Mail at all costs!

    Ciaran - It isn't just about people being poor and having nothing to steal. People were brought up with better morals. Stealing was unacceptable and criminals were ostracised by society. Those morals, guidance and peer pressure are missing today in huge swathes of our society.
    There are many countries throughout the world today where those morals still exist and crime is very low. They just haven't adopted our destructive liberal policies.

    I have asked before for evidence supporting your ridiculous statements and still await a response. 'I deal with miscarriages of justice on a daily basis' Perhaps you could give us a list of those you have been dealing with this week. That should not include an historical list of cases.

    If Jamaican youth thought so badly of Britain surely the next question should have been. "Why did you come/stay here then?"

    I have removed many defamatory comments from the blog. An anonymous commenter stated you are being investigated by the police for sex offences. I did ask before. Is this true or not? If you say it is untrue I will remove the comments.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Ciaran - any comment making reference to Derek Haslam will be removed.

  13. Some children just need a good smack...some adults act like children...and they need what we in US Law Enforcement used to call an "asswhopin'"

  14. I agree with the drift of your blog Lex, but it is difficult with Foreign National Prisoners. They should not spend less tie in prison. I do not mind them serving their full sentence back in their home country, as long as it is the full sentence. Sending them home early and not allowing them to re-enter sound OK but is difficult to enforce. Access to forged documentation is easy, and even with Foreign prisoners being fingerprinted, UKBA cannot be relied upon to ensure that all people entering the country are checked on the fingerprint database. They are only able to fingerprint non-EU visa nationals on entry to verify that they applied for a visa....Guess what documentation former foreign national prisoners try to enter the UK with...?


  15. Bob of Bonsall03 March, 2012 20:43

    "Prisons should be reformed so that there are military style punishment elements moving on to education and learning prior to release."

    MCTC, (Military Corrective Training Centre) at Colchester hasa well deserved reputation for turning round squadies who kick off.
    During the late '70s a lad I served with in the Sappers was awarded 6 months for striking a full corporal. On his return to unit, heimmediately applied for a Physical Training Instructors course.
    2y after that, he was promoted to sergeant.
    A civilian equivalent could possibly have a similar effect.

  16. great article.
    if any of the main parties were to adopt your ideas whole say i think they would have a massive rise in the polls.
    its common sense and fairness.
    i just hope others read what you suggest.

  17. A very good article. I lived in Birmingham in the 70's as a child and yes we always left the back door open during the day if someone was in and often when not, (say popping to the shops). We were not well off, but it didn't matter. I do not remember anyone in my family or friends being a victim of crime until well into the 90's. Now the houses in my street (I live in a decent area) are being burgled every few months. It is a matter of time before mine is done!

    1. Totally agree Taz. I was a teenager, living in Donny in the 70's.
      We could leave doors unlocked, could walk home late at night and feel/be safe. People looked out for each other as well. I loved the 70's.
      The only brutality I ever saw was the drug squad kicking the crap out of users, not talking about big time suppliers to kids, just 'normal' recreational users, most of whom had jobs and paid their bills, didn't steal etc.
      There were a lot more morals in those days too.
      Life was totally different, PC Plod wasn't the enemy, protests were fairly happy affairs, jobs were 10 a penny, immigration was under control; people didn't have a lot compared to today, but they respected and appriciated things more (didn't live on endless credit).
      Yeah, we had gangs of skinheads, Jesus freaks (me), hippies, greasers and teddy boys, but for the most part each 'gang' stuck to their own pubs and areas and didn't bother anyone else.
      By the 90's rape was a common event, handbags needed pad locks.
      I live in a rural area now and people have to take stupid measures just to stop people stealing their heating oil, garden sheds look like fort knox and even kids bikes have to be locked up.
      In primary schools the bad kids are rewarded when they manage to behave, where as kids who work hard and are good all the time don't get rewarded at all.
      No-one can win a race, because it isn't fair to the is sh*t now.
      Before the 70's men used to sort out trouble, now they'd get arrested.
      I realise that things may have been different in other areas, but I lived in Donacter and London, always felt safe in the 70's, loved life, people were much happier, helpful and comminity minded.
      Working class folk were the backbone of society.

  18. Crime in the UK is double the European average. America and South Africa are portrayed in the press as violent countries. The reality is that you are far more likely to be a victim of violent crime here than in those countries.
    What are your sources? What are the actual figures? Are you comparing like with like?
    If you want to be taken seriously, we need the full skinny on the data, please.

  19. Many rioters have received their just desserts, to the consternation of the hand wringing liberals.
    This is not true, or at least disingenuous. It is the DISPARITY in sentencing between people who stole during the riots and people who are sentenced for otherwise identical thefts. It is CONSISTENCY that we are advocating, because otherwise it means people are being sentenced because of politics, not justice. If you want harsher sentencing, that's fine--but it must be universal, not for the rioters only.

  20. Kimpatsu - Personally I am advocating that PERSISTENT offenders should be sentenced far more harshly.
    I disagree with the sentiment of consistency in the case of the rioters. The sentencing guidelines were introduced to create consistency regarding sentencing. The fact is that the guidelines are so weak and watery they are ineffective for persistent offenders.
    The sentencing guidelines do allow magistrates and judges to step outside of the guidelines in exceptional cercumstances. The riots were obviously exceptional circumstances. They were a genuine threat to national law and order. It is quite right that those who chose to take part in these riots are sentenced harshly to reflect the risk and damage that was done to our society. Using the argument of consistency with normal offending is perverse, in my opinion.

    Unlike some commentators on this blog, I do not pluck so called facts and figures out of the air to support bigoted views. I can reference all figures I give. I do not generally reference every piece of data as it tends to distract blog readers. It is not a thesis or essay. I will post the ones you have asked for

  21. I could not agree further than the
    comments put down as 'retired job'
    It has been sad to see it all go down the pan,from what was a fairly effectice Police and courts prosecution system.
    It all started to go down like the
    RMS Titanic when the CPS{criminals protection society}took over the responsibility for prosecutions from police,they never had a healthy work ethic as it was,but since they took the reins less work has filtered to the courts,resulting in redundancies,court closures,why?
    These people cherry picked the easiest open and shut guilty pleas,any thing that would cause them any sweat they dropped it unless it was Police related or in public interest.Was this pure rank bone idlness ? or was it a down grade ordered from above?.
    The introduction of 'Plastic's{'PCSO's},the liberalisation and social engineering,and the continual meddling of 'The European Court of Criminal Rights
    in far off Strasburg,the appointment of a rank amateur Roy W*n**R as CHMI, have all put
    nails in the coffin of our once proud and effective system.
    It is little wonder the general public have no confidence.
    To see an efective working justice system working you would have to park your backside on a jet and pop off to New York City

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