Saturday, 28 May 2011

Prisoner Released - Breach of Right to Family Life

This story is from the Mail but it does seem to have an element of truth in it.

Brandon Bishop a thieving, burgling piece of scum, who has a string of convictions, has just been released from prison after serving just one month of an eight month sentence for burglary. He appealed against his eight month sentence on the basis that he is a single parent and his five children cannot be looked after properly by his sister who is trying to look after seven others. It therefore breached their right to a family life under the HRA.

Interestingly it is stated that while he was in prison, the children's mother looked after them at week-ends but not during the week. I assume she works. Can she not use childcare like other normal people have to.

This decision could have huge ramifications. It will only go to encourage the chav scum that infest our estates to carry on banging out children. Every time one of these people commit an offence suddenly they will claim they are their children's sole provider and carer (they know how to work the system) and a prison sentence is no longer an option.

So to all burglars/criminals the message is start banging out a few kids now or you might have to serve some porridge. We may as well give up!


  1. What amazes me about this story-apart from the obvious stupid ruling-is that he poses with his ugly children to celebrate his release.The thieving under-class scum have no shame any more.He should slink away quietly back under his rock.I've no doubt he will be on TV or in the local paper telling his story or appearing on Jeremy Kyle very soon.
    All you lefties that agree with this madness-look out for this scumbag burgling you very soon.

  2. What can you say?. This country has gone too the dogs.

  3. lets hope next time this fucking lowlife robs somebody they do him some serious damage..

  4. that girl with the midriff shirt is only 13! geez...

  5. "All you lefties that agree with this madness-look out for this scumbag burgling you very soon."

    Something I've not understood about the lefties for some time now is how they often seem to lionise the criminals, even when they themselves are victims and even though they tend to target the working class people in their area....

  6. Should have burgled Specsavers

  7. @ Katabasis - Ahh if it were just that simple. If you are an immature leftie, then you are fighting oppression, fascism and the police state. So criminals are not criminals they are soldiers rebelling against the tyrannical bourgeoisie that are ruling and abusing the proletariat.
    On the other hand you may just be a lazy scumbag who lives on benefits, abuses the generous benefits system that allows idle scumbags to wallow around doing nothing while migrants come and do the work, and if you turn to crime you are only doing so to bolster your meagre benefits that barely keep you in fags, alcohol, drugs and mobile phone charges and you would starve if you didn't. So it isn't their fault really.

    @ anonymous 29th May 0026 - On my diversity course they taught me that mocking anyone in these circumstances is wrong and not at all funny. I thought that was funny though! I had better send myself on another course.

  8. I agree with Jaded. In another picture he is sat with his children holding a mug with 'Worlds best Dad' on it.
    It is indicative of our society that criminals no longer hide in shame when they are caught. They are heroes to some communities who think if they can get away with it good on them.
    Brandon Bishop used legal aid (taxpayers money) to get released from prison early using the disgraced system that once used to penalise crime in this country. On his release he should have run home and hid in shame. Instead the ignorant cretin has his smiling face and that of his poor children all over the press.
    If you were the worlds best dad Brandon, you would be setting a good example to your children. You would have a job, you would not be out committing crime. You would be teaching your children how to behave and not celebrating having one over on our crap justice system.
    The sad thing is there are hundreds of thousands of Brandon Bishops out there banging out kids, supported by the ever decreasing working population, bringing their children up to do the same.

  9. Totally off topic, sorry, but:-



  10. I'll just point out that it's Wayne Bishop - Brandon is his 7 year old son...

  11. Fuck you, asshole!!

  12. There you go i'm rarely wrong in my cynicism.He was on daytime TV yesterday defending his actions.No slinking away for him,loud and proud.The story is on the Daily Mail website but I don't know how to post links on here.Don't read it if you have high blood pressure.